Sodobe Scalper is a trading advisor that is sold on the MQL5 site. The developer is Nguyen Van Cho. The robot was downloaded for demo testing over 400 times. The publishing date was on August 4, 2021. 

Product offering

We have a short and medium informative presentation. We tried our best to unite everything in an easy to read list. 

  • The robot was designed to execute orders for us completely automatically. 
  • We may do nothing in addition. 
  • There’s a “Scalping solution provided by top 5% world Professional Traders, verified for 20 years.”
  • The system should work with affordable risks. 
  • We cannot check this in any way. 
  • The dev claimed that the robot is not a scam. 
  • It has never burnt an account. 
  • The robot works with Gold on the default settings. 
  • The price will be increasing until $90 monthly and $900 for a lifetime license. 
  • It works on the M1 time frame. 
  • An average trade length is 45 minutes. 
  • It trades without deep drawdowns. 
  • The system was tested on the 10-year of the tick data. 
  • An average trade frequency is 12 trades monthly. 
  • The profit factor is 1.49. 
  • We can expect an accuracy of 68%.
  • The spreads can be up to 20 pips. 
  • The recommended brokers are Exness, LiteForex, IC Markets.
  • The leverage should be 1:100 or higher. 
  • We have to start trading with $100 on the balance.  

Sodobe Scalper pricing details.

The advisor costs a lot of money – $490. It’s such an overpriced offer. We can rent it out for $90 quarterly or for $270 annually. The advisor can be free downloaded for checking parameters, settings, and executing backtests. We have no money-back guarantee provided.

Trading strategy

  • The system uses a scalping strategy as the main one. 
  • We are allowed to trade Gold. 
  • The time frame should be set as M1. 

Trading results

Backtest report.

The presentation includes a report of Gold on the M1 time frame based on 21 months of the tick data. The modeling quality was 99.90% with 125 pip spreads. An initial deposit was $100. It has become $124.98 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 1.96. The maximum drawdown was 8.49%. There were 142 orders executed. The accuracy was 69%-70%. 

Sodobe Scalper trading results.

The robot has been trading on a real account. The broker isn’t quite known – Exness. The maximum drawdown is 18.3%. The maximum deposit load is 46.4%. The absolute growth has amounted to 8.42%. The developer has almost withdrawn the initial deposit. 

Trading statistics. 

There are some statistics revealed. An average trade length is almost an hour. The system works for 13 weeks. Trading frequency is too low – 2 deals weekly.

Sodobe Scalper growth chart.

It looks like aggressive trading hasn’t brought desired results. The system started losing in a big way. 

Sodobe Scalper closed orders.

The advisor has a four loss orders streak. 

Sodobe Scalper results and statistics. 

The advisor has closed 25 deals only. It’s. Itching compared with how much it costs. The best trade was $52.95 when the worst trade was a bit lower -$34.19. The recovery factor is scam-like – 0.58. The profit factor is 1.40. An average monthly growth is negative -15.61%. It’s a scam. 

Sodobe Scalper distribution. 

The advisor opens trades only on Gold. 

Customer reviews

People testimonials. 

We have no idea why those people wrote positive reviews for the scam system.

We have backtest reports provided
Trading results shown
No risk advice given
No settings explanations shared
Scalping is a risky strategy
Disgusting trading results
No real testimonials published
We can’t rely on refunds if something goes wrong
Sodobe Scalper is a scam trading solution that slowly clowns a real account. The developer decided not to risk his money and withdrew almost all deposited money. We want you to stay away from it.

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