A Remarkable Inspiration

Everett “Tom” Thomas
Capistrano, Calif.

The Reality of Aging

It would be ideal if older individuals were working primarily to stay active and ward off the feelings of boredom that can arise from being at home. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the majority of people in society due to rising prices and dwindling retirement funds.

Omar Branch
New York

Paycheck to Paycheck

A Harsh Reality

George Powell
Carmel Valley, Calif.

Bon Appétit!

Tech Stocks Still Dominating, Value and Defensive Stocks Struggling

As a professional copywriter, it is clear that the current market trend favors tech stocks and the hype around artificial intelligence. This has resulted in a decline for most value stocks and defensive stocks. However, this could present an excellent buying opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the upcoming recession, which is predicted to occur sometime in 2024-25. Historically, there has been a two-to-three-year lag from when the Federal Reserve initiated its interest-rate hiking cycle, which in this case began in spring 2022.

The Benefits of Timely Roth Conversions

In response to Professor David Brown’s advice, it is suggested that younger individuals prioritize contributing more to a Roth account rather than a traditional account. It is important to note that younger people often have financial obligations such as mortgages, raising children, and even college tuition expenses. However, as retirement approaches and before mandatory distributions (RMDs) and Social Security taxes come into play, it becomes an opportune time to consider making taxable Roth conversions from a traditional account.

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