Executive Changes

During David Spreng’s leave, Thomas Raterman, the current Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, will step in as the Acting President of Runway Growth Finance. Raterman’s experience and expertise will ensure a smooth transition of leadership responsibilities. Additionally, Greg Greifeld, the Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Credit at the company’s investment adviser, will take on the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Board Appointments

Along with the interim executive roles, the board of Runway Growth Finance has made some key appointments to ensure effective governance. Julie Persily, who serves as the Chair of the board’s audit committee, has been appointed as the Acting Chair. In addition, Persily has been permanently elected as the company’s Lead Independent Director.

Return Date Unspecified

Runway Growth Finance has not disclosed the expected duration of David Spreng’s leave or his anticipated return date. While he focuses on receiving the necessary medical care, the company is dedicated to maintaining uninterrupted operations.


The temporary absence of CEO David Spreng at Runway Growth Finance due to a medical condition has prompted interim executive changes. Thomas Raterman will assume the role of Acting President, while Greg Greifeld steps up as Acting CEO. The appointment of Julie Persily as Acting Chair and Lead Independent Director ensures strong governance during this period. Runway Growth Finance remains committed to business continuity and has not provided a specific timeline for Spreng’s return.

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