At the very beginning of The Fund Trader presentation, the LeapFx team, who is responsible for the development and design of this EA, provides us with a detailed video about the product they offer. They offer automated trade signals that, according to the vendor, provide high investment returns for 18 currencies and Gold without any risky approach applied. Although these claims sound promising, we cannot trust the vendor, as the true efficacy, reliability, accuracy, and productivity of any trading system can only be achieved by conducting a thorough analysis of its various aspects. That is what we are going to do in The Fund Trader review.

The Fund Trader presentation

Product Offering

The vendor has provided us with a brief product presentation on their website. There is very little information provided on how the EA functions, and even the main features of this EA are undisclosed. The presentation is difficult to read and it contains a lot of useless information.

Nevertheless, we’ve analyzed the information provided by the vendor and grouped it up in the list below:

  • The Fund Trader can work fully automatically for us
  • It does not use Martingale or Grid trading approaches
  • The vendor fails to disclose a trading strategy or strategies behind the system
  • It can trade 18 currency pairs including Gold
  • No information about the timeframe is provided
  • It does not require a high deposit to start trading
  • We do not know what indicators the system uses or uses, whether it trades as per the trend or against it
  • It does not require special trading experience. Thus, it suits both experienced traders and newbies
  • The vendor claims that the system has generated more than 29,000% profit in five years. We can’ trust these aggressive claims, as the dev does not provide backtesting report as a proof
  • There are only 100 spots available

The Fund Trader comes in 2 different packages: 3 months membership ($297) and 1-year membership ($597). These packages include The Fund Trader Auto Software, free updates, full-time support, best recommendations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Fund Trader price

Trading Strategy

The vendor failed to provide any trading strategy details on the official website. We do not know how The Fund Trader works. It is odd and does not build trust towards the product Gordon Francis is offering. Lack of trading strategy details is a huge con, as we cannot gauge the system’s profitability. We do not know whether The Fund Trader trades per the trend or against it, or whether it uses some special technique for extracting profits. It is a grey zone.

Trading Results

The common thing for all LeapFx presentations is the absence of backtesting reports. The same case we have with The Fund Trader. It is a huge con as without backtesting reports we are not in a position to analyze how the system worked in the past or compare its past data with the present results. We do not know whether the system was well tested before being released and becoming available to the public.

On the official website of The Fund Trader, we are provided with live trading results of this FX system.

The Fund Trader Trading Results

It is a Real (USD) account that works on the MultiBank broker and trades with 1:100 leverage on the popular MT4 platform. Since the date of its trading journey inception (July 27, 2016), the trading account has brought over $149K of profit with a large deposit of $39K. The daily and monthly gains are 0.40% and 12.68% respectively. Now the trading balance equals 90,394.86 dollars.

The Fund Trader Myfxbook

The peak drawdown was on March 30, 2021 – 46, 81%:

The Fund Trader drawdown

That day there was a significant jump down from $84K to $74K. As you can see, the robot trades unpredictably and has not any built-in mechanisms to cope with this type of problem.

The Fund Trader Trading Results

It has a high win rate of 83% that is based on 609 out of 733 winning positions. The average win equals the average loss (77.44 pips; -78.69 pips). The profit factor is 4.59 and the average trade length is  5 hours and 42 minutes.

It trades 18 currency pairs. The highest results were achieved with trading Gold – 62604 dollars of profit. Although the system trades with medium risks to the account balance, it applied Grid plus Martingale in trading. That is not what the vendor promised.

The system increases the Lot size from 2 to 5 or even to 8 when it decides. We do not know how and when The Fund Trader decides that it is a time for Martingale.

The Fund Trader Trading Results

In March the monthly gain increased to 100% and to 168% in April. The system started to trade aggressively.

The Fund Trader monthly gain

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any customer reviews on FPA, Quora, TrustPilot, or myfxbook. Traders are not ready to risk their money and trade with this suspicious FX trading tool.

Myfxbook trading results provided
30-day money-back guarantee
Undisclosed trading strategy
Absence of backtesting report
Grid plus Martingale on the board
High drawdowns
No setting details provided
This is a newly released FX trading tool that trades on Real account with Grid plus Martingale on the board. If the account trades with low risks, the profitability of The Fund Trader is quite low. Taking into account that this service is subscription-based, LeapFX may decline to refund if we ask for it. The absence of customer reviews is another drawback we cannot ignore.

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