Retired football legend Tom Brady has expressed his desire to return to the NFL by attempting to acquire a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders franchise. However, he has encountered obstacles along the way.

Brady is looking to purchase 10% of the Raiders for a sum of $175 million, which would indicate a team valuation of $1.75 billion. While this amount appears significantly lower than recent NFL team sales, such as the $6 billion acquisition of the Washington Commanders in 2023 and the $4.6 billion purchase of the Denver Broncos in 2022 by a Walmart heir, this does not seem to deter the star quarterback.

Given Brady’s remarkable career and status as one of the greatest athletes in football history, it would be logical for the Raiders, currently owned by businessman Mark Davis, to embrace his association with the franchise. Many high-profile athletes already have minority ownership in various teams across sports, such as Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton and the Broncos, basketball star Dwayne Wade and the NBA’s Utah Jazz, and baseball legend Derek Jeter and the MLB’s Miami Marlins.

However, approval from the other NFL owners is still pending. The prospective deal between Brady and the Raiders was initially reported in May but has yet to receive the necessary green light from fellow team owners. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay acknowledges that negotiations are ongoing, emphasizing the need for a reasonable purchase price for Brady’s stake. If the estimated value suggests that 10% should be valued at $525 million, paying only $175 million wouldn’t suffice.

With the next NFL owners’ meeting scheduled for December 12, Brady’s ambitions of owning part of the Raiders will remain on hold until year-end.

Athletes Tom Brady and Mark Davis Share More Than Just Sports


Representatives for Brady, Davis, and the NFL did not respond to requests for comment regarding their recent endeavors. However, it is evident that both athletes have more in common than just their respective sports careers.

Common Ownership in the WNBA

One notable connection between Davis and Brady is their shared ownership of a team in another sport: the WNBA. Davis owns the Las Vegas Aces, a prominent WNBA team. Recently, Brady acquired a minority stake in the Aces, solidifying their business partnership. Notably, the Aces celebrated their second consecutive WNBA championship victory against the New York Liberty, solidifying their dominance in the league.

The Value of the Raiders

The Raiders, a team that relocated to Las Vegas from Oakland in 2020, holds significant value. According to Forbes estimates, the team is currently valued at an astounding $6.2 billion.

Brady’s Accomplishments:

Tom Brady, at the age of 46, retired as the NFL’s career leader in passing yards (89,214) and touchdowns (649). While his on-field success contributed significantly to his financial stature, his fortune of $512 million mainly stems from both his NFL earnings and off-field endeavors. Notable endorsements with top brands such as Under Armour, Ugg, Upper Deck, and DraftKings have played a crucial role in increasing his wealth.

Lucrative Broadcasting Deal

To further expand his portfolio, Brady signed an impressive 10-year contract with Fox Sports. Starting in 2024, he will utilize his expertise to announce NFL games. This groundbreaking deal is said to be worth up to an astonishing $375 million, making it the largest in sports broadcasting history.


As prominent figures in their respective fields, Tom Brady and Mark Davis demonstrate their mutual passion for sports business. Their shared ownership in the WNBA and exceptional financial ventures exemplify their commitment to success both on and off the field.

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