Wolfbot is a system that provides us with automatic orders execution on our crypto exchange. We can work with over 600 crypto currencies. So, it’s time to figure out if the bot is good to go.

About WolfBot

The bot was created in June 2020 and received several updates afterwards. 

Payment Options: Crypto
Price: $90/month, $480/6 months, and $700/year
Supported Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bittrex, Kraken, OKEX, Bybit, Poloniex, Deribit, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, Gemini, FTX, HitBTC, Bibox, Huobi, KuCoin, Liquid, YoBit, Bitkub, Coss.io, Cex.io, Cobinhood, FCoin, and Nova

WolfBot features

  • The system works completely automatically.
  • It allows us to store our API keys on a cloud.
  • The advisor uses sentiment analysis to understand real market conditions.
  • There can be leverage of x2-x3 applied.
  • It can lend out crypto assets to traders that use the same crypto assets.
  • WolfBot can support trading future contracts with leveraging orders.
  • It records all performed trades in trading history.
  • The core strategy is arbitrage that is used to look for trading opportunities between exchanges.
  • WolfBot can be price-neutral and we can buy or sell the same amount of crypto assets on both exchanges.
  • It’s possible to hedge our positions for a small price.
  • We can backtest the robot as we want before using it on a real account.
  • The system delivers notifications to our smartphone.
  • It uses machine learning to fit consistently changed market conditions.
  • The advisor receives data from new candles, live trades feed, current unfinished candle updates, and orderbook modifications.
  • The robot works with various indicators to find precise entry points: RSI, RSIStarter, RSIScalper, MACD, DEMA/EMA/SMA, PercentDEMA, BollingerBands, TrendLines, CCI, MFI, OBV, KAMA, STC, StochRSI.

How does it work?

WolfBot works automatically. It seeks trading opportunities based on various indicators on different exchanges. 

Compatible exchanges

We can work with the following exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bittrex, Kraken, OKEX, Bybit, Poloniex, Deribit, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, Gemini, FTX, HitBTC, Bibox, Huobi, KuCoin, Liquid, YoBit, Bitkub, Coss.io, Cex.io, Cobinhood, FCoin, Nova, and more. Many people prefer working on Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro. Anyway, it’s a pro when we have many exchanges to choose from. 

How does WolfBot stand out?

The system is an arbitrage and price action based solution.

Best for: traders with any level of trading experience

We can work without previous trading experience. The system will cover us with everything we need.


The pricing varies because of the range. The system can be rented out for $90 monthly, $480 for half a year, or for $700 annually. All of them are features with the same perks: WolfBot cloud instance, unlimited trading pairs, access to all official strategies, official indicators, plugins, and all exchanges, all three modes, backtesting, smartphone push notifications, no limits to trading capital, and premium support. As we can see, the developers don’t support a refund policy.

How safe is WolfBot?

WolfBot works on the market through pregenerated API keys. This means that the robot can trade for us, but it is not allowed to withdraw our account.

WolfBot reputation

It’s hard to understand what reputation the company has because we have no testimonials about it provided.

Is it a good choice for beginners?

Most likely, yes, it is. The developers didn’t claim that we should have trading experience or coding skills to get started.

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Vendor Transparency: 7
We can work with an arbitrage strategy
No team revealed
No risk advice given
No backtest or trading results provided
No refund policy applied
The pricing is high
WolfBot: the bottom line
WolfBot is a trading robot that works with Arbitrage and Price Action strategies. The system seeks trading opportunities between the prices on different exchanges. The presentation includes various details that we should know about the system’s performance. We don’t have backtest reports or trading results provided. So, it’s not possible to know if the system is profitable or not.

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