Revenue: WW International is expected to report third-quarter revenue of $221.6 million, as compared to $249.7 million in the same period last year.

Profit: The weight management services company is forecasted to post earnings per share of 14 cents, a significant improvement from the reported loss of $2.93 per share in the previous year.

Here are the key factors to watch for in WW International’s upcoming earnings report:


Investors will be interested in the company’s guidance for the future. In August, WW International projected a full-year revenue range of $890 million to $910 million. Analysts polled by FactSet expect revenue of $900.8 million for 2023.

Real-Estate Efforts

WW International’s efforts to optimize its real-estate footprint and streamline its organizational structure will be worth noting. These initiatives contributed to a record high adjusted gross margin in the previous quarter.

Weight-Loss Drugs

Earlier this year, WW International acquired telehealth company Sequence, enabling it to prescribe weight-loss drugs. Investors will be eager to learn about any impact these new drugs have had on the company’s earnings.

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