Zeus EA is a Forex expert advisor that claims to generate 5-15% monthly returns on MT4 accounts. There are rental and profit-sharing models for this EA. The developer offers multiple pricing plans, so you can get started with any type of account.

Product offering 

On the official website, the vendor has made a detailed presentation. They have highlighted all the main features and shared some graphical data related to the performance of the system. We also have statistics related to the backtest and the link to a verified live trading account. You can also find the pricing details, reviews, and FAQ section. 

This is a product from Elite CurrenSea, a company based in Tallinn, Estonia. It was launched in 2014 by Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik. The former is the head trader for the company, while the latter acts as the CEO. Mykyta Barabanov occupies the position of CMO and he is also a co-founder. This company has been covered by multiple media outlets like FXStreet, Forex Factory, FXDD, Investing.com, etc.

There are four pricing plans for this EA. For the rental plan, you need to pay a yearly recurring fee of 699 Euros. For the lifetime plan, you need to make a one-time payment of 999 Euros. The rental sponsored plan carries a yearly recurring fee of 399 Euros, while the managed account plan has zero upfront fees. For the managed plan, the company takes a profit share of 20-30%. Compared to other EAs, the plans are quite expensive and the vendor does not have a money refund policy.

Type  Fully-automated EA
Price $399, $699 and $999
Strategy N/A
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs EUR/USD
Timeframe M5
Recommended Min. Deposit 2500 Euros
Leverage 1:500

Trading strategy 

According to the vendor, this is an ultra-fast EA that places error-free orders instantly based on a proprietary strategy. They have also claimed that the drawdown remains under 20%, hence preventing large losses. The EA only trades in the EUR/USD pair, offering liquidity levels and preferable volatility. There is no minimum starting deposit, but the vendor recommends depositing at least 2500 Euros for best results.

It is recommended that you place trades through the Key to Markets broker and load the EA on M5 charts. There are not enough details about the trading strategy, which makes it difficult for us to accurately analyze the profitability of the system.

Trading results 

Backtesting results of Zeus EA on Myfxbook.

This backtest was conducted from January 3, 2016 to August 19, 2020. For this time period, the EA has conducted 14,662 trades, winning 70% of them and generating a total profit of $9,356.32. The daily and monthly gains for this test were decent at 0.09% and 2.8%, respectively. In spite of the high win rate, we think the EA was following a risky strategy since the drawdown was quite high at 53.30%. The average win and loss for this backtest were 8.08 pips/$2.69 and -24.24 pips/-$4.11, respectively.

Growth chart of Zeus EA on Myfxbook. 

Here we have a live trading account on Myfxbook that was launched on September 3, 2020. To date, the EA has conducted 67,768 trades through this account, winning 69% of them. The win rate is slightly lower than the one we saw in the backtest. It should be noted that the account owner has hidden some of the key parameters like balance, equity, profit, interest, withdrawals, and deposits. 

Similar to the backtest, the account has a high drawdown of 53.32%. This indicates a high risk of ruin. At this moment, the daily and monthly gains were 0.10% and 3.20%, respectively. The account has experienced a growth of 78.19%.

Trading results of Zeus EA on Myfxbook.

From the trading results, we can see that the EA is prone to losing consecutive trades. The average trade length is 14 hours and 6 minutes. We cannot see the lot size for the trades since the account owner has hidden it. 

Customer reviews 

User review for Zeus EA on Forex Peace Army.

There are no reviews for this expert advisor in particular. However, on Forex Peace Army, there are some reviews for Elite CurrenSea. In one of the reviews, a user has mentioned experiencing high drawdown with this EA.

Verified trading results
High win rate
High drawdown
No money-back guarantee
Expensive pricing plans
Zeus EA has a verified track record of winning profits in the live market. However, it trades with a high level of drawdown and this puts your account at risk. The pricing plans are extremely expensive and the vendor does not offer a money-back guarantee.

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