Shares of ZyVersa Therapeutics saw a 9.2% increase in trading today following the announcement that the company has been granted a patent for its kidney disease treatment, VAR 200, by European officials.

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company has been developing VAR 200 as a potential solution for diabetic nephropathy and diabetic kidney disease. This innovative treatment aims to actively remove excess lipids from the kidney, which can cause damage to the organ’s filtration system and contribute to the progression of renal disease.

ZyVersa’s Chief Executive, Stephen Glover, expressed the significance of this patent grant and emphasized the need for effective treatments to slow down the progression of renal disease. The company plans to conduct clinical trials for VAR 200 in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Strengthening our intellectual property portfolio for VAR 200 and expanding our patent protection and exclusive rights into additional geographic regions will further enable ZyVersa to increase shareholder value as VAR 200 advances into clinical trials,” Glover stated.

ZyVersa Therapeutics continues to make strides in the field of kidney disease treatment, and this recent patent grant provides further validation for their innovative approach. As the company moves closer to clinical trials, shareholders can expect increased value and potential groundbreaking advancements in renal disease management.

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