AI Market Pros is an advanced trading robot that developers designed it based on artificial intelligence and guarantees all traders a consistently high income in the forex market. The official website is Let’s try to figure out what this project is and whether it is possible to invest in it. See the general assessment and conclusion at the end of the article.

Technical information

Legal data. The site started its work in 2019, it exists only in English and, according to the footer of the site, it is attached to the American office (Atlanta) with the following address: 5725 Buford Hwy NE Suite 108 A. We check and understand that AI Market Pros acquired a virtual office and not physically located in the USA.

Project team. The welcome video on the first screen of the main page says that the president of AI Market Pros is a certain Josh Felts – an advanced Internet marketer specializing in the release of high-tech software for trading on Forex. We decided to search for information about this person and found only a Linkedin profile: there are only general information and a link to the Beat The Bank Network project – a simple landing, where according to the tariff plan $ 59 per month they will offer you some kind of data processing program (not forex). There is no other information about this person and, accordingly, we cannot somehow verify his qualifications.

Only this is known about other participants: an innovative team consisting of experts in the field of trading and artificial intelligence (no links to profiles).

Feedback. To contact technical support, they provided the “Support” button, which you can find under the header in the upper left of the site. After the click, you need to specify the mail, the subject of the appeal and write the text. The manager’s response time is not indicated on the site, so you can get the answer in a few days. If the manager misses your appeal, a technical failure occurs or a quick answer to an urgent question is needed, then you can’t do anything. The site does not have a phone, Skype, online chat and links to social networks. You just have to open “Support” again and repeat the appeal (there is no Russian-language support, so you will have to work on the translation before submitting the form).

Media activity. The project has a YouTube channel “AI Market Pros”, registered on April 27, 2019. There are no open videos on it and you can see the content only if you follow the transition from the official site. Once you find the video you need, you won’t be able to comment on it or evaluate it using the “Like / Dislike” system – these options are disabled and confirm the developers’ disinterest in promoting the project.

AI Market Pros Advisor Trading Strategy

Advisor AI Market Pros is built on an algorithm that can effectively overcome time, performance and emotions. The site says that due to emotional overload, many novice traders lose control and cannot effectively work with their deposit. If you use AI Market Pros, then this problem does not arise. At the same time, it is not clear why to overcome productivity and time. The developers did not comment on the importance of these parameters. On the theoretical side, that’s it. From practice, there is even less information: some kind of artificial intelligence is built into the program that you can connect to the VPS server and get ready for round-the-clock profit-making. There is no specific manual on the site that shows in practice the implementation of this idea.

We took the only screenshot available (400 356) and tried to get a rough idea of ​​the program. It turned out the following:

  1. The EA is based on five indicators, four of which are responsible for diagnosing the trend on small time frames (from M1 to H1).
  2. The first indicator is a combination of two-point ribbons that perform the function of a simple moving average with a period of 50.
  3. Bars are stopped using an additional trend indicator, which can be replaced using the free Heiken Ashi indicator.
  4. Next, you need to look at a separate histogram that resembles the MACD indicator with two auxiliary moving ones.
  5. The chart is accompanied by two additional arrows: one shows the color change of price bars, and the second appears after moving the bars of the histogram relative to its mid-level.

We put everything together and get a simple strategy with weak statistics on history. According to the idea, the situation should be corrected by the AI, however, its algorithm on the site is not scheduled and we cannot verify anything.


The appearance of the trading advisor AI Market Pros in the Metatrader 4 terminal.

Cost and terms

There are three tariff packages for the AI ​​Market Pros trading robot:

  1. AIMRecon – is suitable for work in unstable times and is suitable for traders who can only allocate $500 to trade.
  2. AIMSniper – turns bad traders into medium and medium traders into good (this is an official description). It can be used on any deposit.
  3. AIMBullseye – suitable for working during periods of increased volatility and the publication of important economic news. Uses AI to determine the optimal entry and exit points for a trade.

If you want to buy only one license, you will have to pay $149.99 and some other one-time tax of $50. If you buy three licenses at once, then a monthly service will cost you $199.99. All purchases are accompanied by a weekly warranty period, which you cannot use due to the specific conditions of the user agreement.

ai market pros pricing

Trading Results

They haven’t published any statistics on the site and it is not clear whether the AI ​​Market Pros program can work even on a demo account.

Reviews on AI Market Pros

They provide an affiliate program for the development of the project, but despite its activity, we did not find useful feedback on the AI ​​Market Pros project. There are only a few general references that the adviser does not work well and merges the deposit.

We do not recommend the AI ​​Market Pros trading robot and substantiate this with the following:
  • The company does not have a physical office and there is no reliable data on the developers - that is, even if you want to, you will not be able to find a defendant and contact the law enforcement agencies to protect your interests.
  • Inconvenient feedback and there is no way to solve emerging issues online. If the manager does not want to correspond, then you have nowhere to file a complaint about his actions.
  • The advisor is based on an unknown trading algorithm that will open and close transactions according to some of its internal rules.
  • The program has not been tested in real conditions and cannot prove its effectiveness in practice.
  • The company does not guarantee the result and in the user agreement secured the right to unilaterally change the terms of customer service.
If you think differently or eventually see significant functional changes in the AI ​​Market Pros project, write about everything in the comments. We will all discuss, double-check the data and make changes to the conclusions made. Have a nice day everyone 🙂

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