Arya Pro is a trading robot that has an almost empty presentation with horrible trading results in addition. The main claim is that Aria Pro has “the most comprehensive trading solution on the market.”

Product Offering

We have grouped up all that can be useful while making a decision about this trading advisor:

  • It can work automatically for us. 
  • There are three strategies sewed in the trading system. 
  • Arya Pro optimizes open trades based on market conditions and risk parameters.
  • The ARYA FPP indicator allows seeing key support and resistance levels plotted on charts.
  • The HMA indicator helps us to read current market trends. 
  • Green shows an upwards trend, and red shows a downwards trend.
  • The ARYA Convergence indicator analyzes the market trend all time. 
  • The developers don’t tell what symbols the system prefers to trade. Trading results showed 32 currency pairs. 
  • It calculates Entry Point levels based on the market conditions. 
  • Pending orders allow us to get in the trend as soon as it shows up. 
  • We can trade manually with one click. 
  • The system can “calculate Lots for each deal based on Stop Loss.” 
  • “We can control our losses with the MaxLoss and ConsecutiveLoss features. If these limits are reached, ARYA Pro will stop trading in order to adhere to the money management criteria.”
  • We can set preferable Take Profit levels before trades are on the market.
  • There are several Take Profit features. 
  • The same we have with Stop Loss levels. 
  • We have ten trailing menthols to choose from.
  • We can set three Take Profit goals. 
  • There’s a price filter “to pick in what areas we want the robot to work.” It’s unclear and should be visualized. 
  • The time filter allows skipping trading during high-impact news. 
  • We have an OverWeekend filter to prevent trading Monday night. 

Arya price

There are three packages. The free pack includes only courses. The Arya Pro costs $199 monthly, but we charge for 12 months at once. The pack includes a software license, updates, application Arya signals starter (we don’t know what it is). The last pack is Arya Pro+ that costs $299 monthly, charged annually. We can work on over €100,000 accounts. 

Arya. There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee.

There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Trading Strategy

  • Most likely, there’s something in addition to a Trend strategy. 
  • It works with many symbols available in the terminal.
  • We don’t know what time frame the robot works, but it looks like it is H1.

Trading Results

Arya Trading Results

We have found an abandoned account on the XTB broker. The leverage was 1:100. The platform was MT4. The account has both verified: track record and trading privileges. It was created on May 03, 2019, and deposited at 3000 EUR. Since then, the absolute gain has become 29.93%. An average monthly gain was 1.29%. The maximum drawdown was 1.41%. 

Arya advanced statistics

The robot has traded 711 deals with 292,656 pips. An average win was 1886 pips when an average loss was -1831 pips. The accuracy rate for Longs was 62% (361/576) when for Shorts was 50% (68/135). An average trade length was a day. The Profit Factor was 1.31. 

Arya trading results

Arya trading results

It traded everything that was available in the terminal without shaping trading strategy for proper symbols. 

Arya trading results

The system traded during European and American sessions when most indices were traded. 

Arya trading results

The robot traded during a week mostly equally. 

Arya trading results

It worked with moderated risks to the account balance. 

Arya trading results

The last page of results wasn’t successful. 

Arya monthly gain

Arya monthly gain

Before it was stopped, the system hadn’t traded well. 

Customer Reviews

The presentation doesn’t include people’s feedback. We could manage to find any relevant testimonials on the web.

The system shows that it’s a scam
No team revealed
No risk advice given
No backtest reports provided
No actual trading results published
The past results were horrible
No people feedback provided
Absolutely insane pricing
14-day refund policy
The Arya Pro robot tries to be profitable for over a year. The trading results showed that the system is a scam and should be avoided. The pricing is completely out of place. Similar trading solutions cost three-four times cheaper on MQL5.

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