According to the website, Big Boy is ‘World’s Best Forex Robot of 2019’, where a trader can earn as much as $3000 – $12000 in just three months. The developer claims to have studied the market quite closely, which has helped in understanding the trading loopholes and finding solutions. Big Boy is the result of these countless hours of observation.

The vendor does not sell this robot. Clients can rent it only. After a client sends his live account to the developer, he attaches a robot and activates the client’s account. 

Product Offering:

There are three plans you can choose from:

  • 1-day free trial: This is available to a trader for one day. There will be a live account and a demo account for 24 hours.
  • 1 month rent: It can be rented for $250 a month. The trader gets a live account and a demo account for 30 days, with 24 hours of support from the developer.
  • Lifetime license: The robot is available with lifetime license. The trader needs to pay $2500 for this plan. It offers lifetime access to five live accounts and three demo accounts. Along with 24 hours of support, the client will also receive Trade Copier worth over $500.

big boy ea offering

Big Boy offers a moneyback guarantee for seven days. If the trader is not satisfied with the EA, then money back guarantee facility can be used within 7 days.

Features of Big Boy EA Promised by The Developer

Auto Calculate Lotsize: The lot size increases when a client makes profits continuously. At the same time, when the account makes losses, the lot size is expected to reduce. 

Money management: This EA comes with money management. The client does not need to set a lot size. It functions automatically after attaching it to the account.

Target amount: This EA can be used to set a maximum target of the amount that the trader wants to reach. Once the target is met, the profit can be withdrawn, and money can be re-invested. Like this, the trader will continue to produce profits repeatedly. 

However, the developer says many great things about the EA, but he also says that it is better to withdraw the profits and not compound them. He is also cautious about advising the traders not to rush into making profits.

recommendations on big boy ea usage recommendations on big boy ea usage

His words indicate a lack of confidence in the robot, so can a trader actually trust the robot? Let us find out more about it.

Trading Strategy

Big Boy developer is quite secretive and doesn’t reveal the trading strategy of this robot. There is a hint about the robot being new in the forex market and it does not rely on brokers spread for making money. The strategy is used is the normal Take Profit and Stop Loss. The vendor claims the trading strategy will not cause losses, but we couldn’t find anything in support of the claim. The strategy is not fully explained.

big boy ea strategy

Trading Results

The Myfxbook account of Big Boy was registered on June 26, 2019. The trading style is not specified on the account info, which raises our suspicious. However, the track record and trading privileges are verified for the trading results. The trading started at $6000. The total profit is $4008.82. Equity of $9992.86 has been maintained which is 99.84%. The amount was highest on Jun 26, the day it opened, and was marked at $10213.39. The total gain of this account from forex trading is +66.81%. However, surprisingly, in spite of such gains, the trading results are updated till July 1, 2019.

big boy ea trading results chart

We wonder why it was never updated again, if it recorded such high gains!

The robot is still quite young, and we believe it still doesn’t have too many users, with complete absence of user testimonials and reviews. Besides, there are many indications suggesting that the robot shouldn’t be trusted and traders need to be cautious while trading. The trading strategy and trading style is never disclosed or explained. The trading results are updated for a few days, and then the LIVE result is unavailable.  The product is available for rent. Considering the lack of confidence of the vendor and conversations with traders, it is a clear indication that the robot cannot be trusted. Considering all data available, lack of verifiable facts and absence of transparency, we cannot provide a rating more than just 4/10. We recommend traders to stay away from this EA and select other quality products instead.

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