Entry Points Pro is a trend indicator created to work on the MT4 platform. It was first published in January 2021, and updated to its current version 8.0 in March 2021. According to the vendor, the system offers precise signals to make entries into the market without delaying or redrawing. He further states that the indicator opens trades without errors. Apparently, Entry Points Pro’s algorithms permit the trader to spot the perfect moments to enter a deal. This, in turn, augments the success rate for each and every trader applying it. These are very bold assertions. Nonetheless, traders should not be quick to take them seriously. As we will discover later in this review, the vendor cannot be trusted.  

Product Offering

The vendor presents Entry Points Pro on the mql5 website. Here, he describes what the system does, price, benefits, how it works, and how to trade with it. Customer reviews and some demo videos are also provided.

The developer who created this software is known as Yuri Orlov, and is based in Spain. He claims that he began trading in 1999. However, we cannot verify this because he does not provide us with his credentials. Therefore, it is hard to trust him. He has also created another version of Entry Points Pro that is compatible with the MT5 platform. 

Entry Points Pro is priced at $125. The vendor does not mention if he offers a money-back guarantee. So, we are forced to conclude that customers cannot be refunded in case they are dissatisfied with the indicator. 

Trading Strategy

The developer indicates that the system works by assessing the price behavior on the chart each second. It then identifies the ideal entry points based on its in-built algorithm, informing the trader when they need to open and close a deal to obtain profit. The indicator particularly focuses on identifying entry points at the start of the trend so as to mitigate risks and augment profits. 

The features of Entry Points Pro are listed below:

  • Works on all time frames
  • Can be used on any financial assets including Forex, metals, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices
  • Offers signals for any direction plus a trend filter
  • Provides exit signals for demo purposes only
  • Has a lightweight and optimized codebase
  • Offers multi-language support
  • Provides sound and visual alerts
  • Has a step-by-step user guide 
  • Has additional settings and filters that allow the trader to filter out false signals

Trading Results

The developer has not highlighted any backtest results for this indicator. Consequently, we cannot determine if the system is profitable in the long-run. This is unexpected from a developer who claims to have more than 20 years trading experience. He should be aware of the importance of providing customers with such data as it can help them make informed investment decisions. 

Orlov provides us with trading results from the myfxbook account.

Entry Points Pro trading results

Based on the screenshot above, the account was activated in February 2019 and was last updated in December 2019. A deposit of $10,000 was put into the account, and a profit of $931,411.82 has been generated. The gain is 9314.12%. The profit figure is high and somewhat unrealistic. The account balance has increased to $941,411.82. The daily profit is 0.52% while the monthly profit is 60.36%. The drawdown which is 54.31% is massive. Therefore, the account’s risk of making huge losses is high. 

Entry Points Pro advanced statistics

The system performed 272 trades attaining win-rates of 78% for long trading positions and 83% for short ones. These results are not that promising. The profit factor is 11.69. The account has made 6917.2 pips. The average win is 37.08 pips while the average loss is -22.71 pips. However, we do not know how many lots the system has traded with as that info is locked.

Entry Points Pro trading results

The system trades with relatively moderate risks to the account balance.

Entry Points Pro monthly gain

Evidently, the monthly profits are inconsistent and sporadic.

Customer Reviews

There are numerous user testimonials for the product on the mql5 website where the product is presented. Many of these reviews are positive. Nonetheless, we noted that the developer always terms any negative review for his system as fake. We find this suspicious. If he is confident about the efficiency of the product, then he should not be worried about clients who are dissatisfied with it. Below are screenshots of some of the negative reviews:

Entry Points Pro Customer Reviews

Entry Points Pro Customer Reviews

The disgruntled customers assert that the indicator’s profitability rate is low and chances of making losses with the system are high. 
Trading results are provided
High drawdown
Inadequate vendor transparency
Lack of backtest data
We strongly advise traders to stay away from this product. There are many red flags that we can’t just ignore. The trading results were last updated in December 2019 and the trading history data is locked and hence inaccessible. We are left to wonder why the account has remained inactive for that long and what it is the vendor is hiding. We have also noted that the drawdown is very high, an indication that the account trades with high risks to the balance. With the absence of backtest data, it is hard to tell the indicator’s past performance. Finally, since the developer does not provide us with sufficient background information about himself, then we cannot trust him.

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