The 2-year German bund saw a drop in its yield on Monday, following remarks made by a European Central Bank (ECB) official. The official suggested the possibility of an upcoming rate cut, leading to a decrease in the bund’s yield. The 2-year German bund BX:TMBMKDE-02Y experienced a decline of 3.5 basis points, settling at 2.68%. Meanwhile, the euro EURUSD, -0.16% remained stable, trading at $1.0773.

Disinflation and Monetary Policy Reversal

During a recent speech, Bank of Italy Governor Fabio Panetta expressed his views on the current macroeconomic conditions. He noted that disinflation seems to have progressed significantly and that the achievement of the 2% inflation target is happening rapidly. As a result, Panetta believes that it is time for a reversal of the monetary policy stance. He stated that the ECB’s March projections will offer valuable insights when determining the next move in monetary policy. Furthermore, he emphasized the need for the central bank to strike a balance between implementing interest rate cuts quickly and gradually, or delaying them and opting for a more aggressive approach.

Dovish Sentiment Prevails

Economists at Citi regarded Panetta’s speech as one of the most dovish in recent weeks. Various comments from other central bank officials have hinted at differing views on rate cuts. For instance, Austrian central bank chief Robert Holzmann has expressed doubts about rate cuts occurring this year, while ECB chief economist Philip Lane has warned of the risk of overtightening.

Despite these differences in opinion, Panetta’s remarks have raised expectations of a possible rate cut from the ECB in the near future. Market participants will closely analyze the ECB’s March projections for further insights into the potential monetary policy moves.

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