European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde addressed concerns and expressed confidence in the institution during a recent press conference. While she carefully avoided discussing potential interest rate cuts, she did respond to a question regarding a survey that revealed dissatisfaction among ECB staffers.

Strong Employee Satisfaction

Lagarde, a lawyer by profession, emphasized the favorable results of ECB’s internal surveys. According to these surveys, a significant majority of employees (80%) expressed their contentment with working at the central bank. Furthermore, 75% would even recommend it to others as a workplace. Lagarde stressed that these responses are taken seriously and acted upon diligently.

A Driving Mission

Reiterating her pride in leading the institution, Lagarde highlighted the primary objective of the ECB—which is to deliver and ensure price stability. She expressed her commitment to this mission and the continued dedication of the entire organization.

In conclusion, President Christine Lagarde emphasized the importance of employee satisfaction and the ECB’s unwavering dedication to maintaining price stability. The institution remains focused on its goal, undeterred by any dissenting voices.

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