Forex Hunter is a grid forex robot of a new generation. The principle with that FX Hunter EA works is “buy cheap, sell high”. The principle is maintained by opening positions using signals of built-in indicators. This process enables investors to get accurate entries. However, the developers of this EA cannot guarantee that the price will achieve the desired direction, because of the liquid market of FOREX. 

Product Offerings

FX Hunter offers four ways to get access to the EA. One can buy a 1-month subscription with 29$, 3 months subscription with 69$ and 6 months subscription with 121$. There is an additional offer to get lifetime membership with 500$. The one-month subscription allows only one account of the trader, and 3 months and 6 months provides full support and free updates respectively. Traders can get a discount of 20% from 3 months 30% from 6 months subscription costs. For the lifetime membership, FX Hunter guarantees 30 days return policy in case any customer is not satisfied. A trader can initially subscribe for a 1-month trial period to check whether it works well or not. 

FX Hunter EA pricing

FX Hunter Trading Strategy

  1. Similar Take Profit Level: Forex Hunter EA opens a number of orders with similar direction and keeps those in the carts. When the price of FOREX market reaches the Take profit level of those similar orders, they close the orders. More importantly, they open orders under suitable market conditions and does not work in the market continuously. Instead, wait for the right moment to enter the market.
  2. Multiplier Settings: This EA takes the orders with the same or the increased volume to the next level by using multiplier settings. The volume is calculated with the lot multiplier.
  3. Single Direction Trading: The trading technique of FX Hunter EA works only in a single direction. But sometimes the trading in conducted in both directions depending on the situation. 
  4. Risk Management: This EA allows the traders for risk management by giving the chance of protecting their accounts and operating the trading as per their style and choice. FX Hunter has a manual in MaxMarginUsgaePct, which allows the traders to specify the maximum drawdown percentage of the deposited amount. 
  5. Fund Calculation: The EA calculates the available fund before opening a new order. If there are not enough funds, it does not open a new order.
  6. Control Indicator: FX Hunter has a control indicator that provides additional risk management options. It is imperative for multi-currency trading. 

Trading Results

FX Hunter has an account in myFXbook. Trading result of this EA in myFXbook, which was last updated on July 10, 2018, shows a deposit amount of $6203.04 and a total profit of $326440.32. The equity is maintained by 94.87%. But the result shows an absolute gain of -138.06%, which is very disappointing. In addition, the track record of the trading is not verified. Probably this is the reason that they did not show any result at their website. 

fx hunter trading results

FX Hunter Strategy Tester Report

As per a strategy tester report of trading where the initial deposit amount is $5000, and the total net profit is 27440.56. It is trading on the Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. The gross profit is 50696.82, whereas the gross loss is -23256.26. The consecutive loss is -1330.69. 

fx hunter tester report

Customer Reviews

According to a few traders, it is a scam. Someone did not get access to his account after the payment is done. Even after mailing FX Hunter, the person did not receive any response from the EA. 

fx hunter ea review from customer

FX Hunter EA
As the EA maintains a martingale-based trading strategy, it is too difficult to recommend to the traders of Forex robot countries. Besides, the EA does not provide any verified result of trading at their website. The customer reviews are also majorly negative. Traders need to be cautious before investing.

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