FXSHOOTER is the new Forex robot. With it, you can become a brilliant professional. At least that’s what the developers of the new product promise. The official website fxshooter.com is made in the form of a continuous page, quite sparingly filled with information about the robot. Visually, it is divided into several blocks, unfortunately, in each of them, there is no specific data, but there are only general provisions.


Even though for a robot in various configurations you need to pay from 299 to 450 dollars, the developers did not even bother to provide any information about themselves. The site only says that experienced Forex traders created the robot, but there are neither their names, nor contacts, nor location. It is difficult to believe that the “faceless” seller will not be an ordinary fraudster, but will provide you with a truly innovative program that can bring long-term profit.

To contact the developers, you need to fill out a feedback form; there is no email, no contact address, much less a contact phone number. It’s hard enough to believe in the honesty and reliability of such a secretive seller.

Trading Strategy

FXSHOOTER developers claim that the robot is built on a real working strategy, while there are no specifics, except that it does not freeze in hot markets and quickly adapts to market conditions. But the principle of the robot will only have to guess. The developers do not want to share information about the algorithm of the adviser, which raises doubts about their honesty.

On the other hand, they immediately declare that they should not rely on fantastic results, since only profitable marketing experts who play on the low feelings of people, namely on greed, can promise super-profits with automatic trading.


The developers claim that they regularly update the FXSHOOTER functions, while the list of “innovative”, in their opinion, options is nothing new. Most modern advisers have similar functionality:

  • full automation;
  • ease of installation;
  • free update;
  • capital management;
  • easy setup. And initially it is recommended to work on standard settings, and only after that, if desired, change them for yourself;
  • adaptive market analysis;
  • trend tracking;
  • low drawdown;
  • 24/7 support.

Enumeration of standard functions and the lack of real details of the used trading strategy have a bad effect on the rating of the robot. Developers should consider greater openness and transparency.

FXSHOOTER Trading Results

The site presents the results of back-testing the robot on a 15-minute timeframe for the currency pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF, USD / CHF. The audit was conducted from 2008 to May 2018 and showed that for almost all assets the number of profitable transactions amounted to 90-92% of the total, which is a pretty good indicator for such a “mysterious” robot. A similar result is shown by a real test on MyFxbook.com.

But do not be strongly inspired by such positive test results. On the developer’s site, in the section “Our conditions and disclaimer” in the first paragraph, there is a link to rule 4.41 of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. It states that hypothetical or simulated trading results are not real; they have nothing to do with real market conditions. It is also indicated here that the seller does not expressly state that there is or will be an opportunity to make a profit or loss on any account, similar to those indicated. And this means that 90-92% of profitable trades are just a hypothetical result, the work of a robot built on an unknown strategy. Before you pay for such a dubious product, you need to think carefully.

FXSHOOTER monthly gain chart

If you think that by clicking the Buy button at the very beginning of the page near the description of the robot, you will immediately become its happy owner, we hasten to upset you. The button is inactive. And to get a link to download the adviser, you must first pay it. There are 2 available rates:

  1. Basic. Its cost is 299 dollars 2 real accounts are opened, free updates and round-the-clock technical support are provided.
  2. Advance. Package price – 450 dollars At the disposal of the trader 4 real accounts. Updating is free, and technical support is available 24/7.

Regardless of the selected tariff, access to the robot is provided for life. Payment is accepted with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron cards.

In terms of cooperation with sellers, a separate paragraph describes the nuances of the “delivery” of the robot. It can be sent by e-mail or downloaded by the buyer from the website. After the purchase, the trader may be asked to download the software product from a website other than the one from which the purchase was made. For the physical receipt of the product, a surcharge may be required, while the seller reserves the right to refuse such a request to the client. The maximum delivery time for the purchased adviser is 3 business days, while delivery may be suspended if the seller has doubts about the legality of the transaction.


If the trader still decided to trust the seller and purchased the FXSHOOTER robot, he has 30 days of guaranteed money back. It is important to understand that this is not a free trial period, namely a guarantee return, that is, the software product is initially paid, and then, if it does not fulfill its functions, a refund is made to the buyer. This is only possible if, after purchase, the robot worked for 30 days without interruption at the settings recommended by the developer and showed a drawdown above 40%. According to the developers, lower drawdowns are quickly covered and consistent with the strategy used. In this case, a refund is not made. If the robot sags heavily, working for a month on standard settings, the seller will fully refund the payment and leave a copy of FXSHOOTER as compensation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the FXSHOOTER

The advantages of the FXSHOOTER are only hypothetical, as is the result of its testing. In theory, it should give a good profit, but there are no guarantees for this.

As for the negative sides, there are more than enough of them:

  • FXSHOOTER – a product of an unknown developer, built on an incomprehensible strategy;
  • contact developers are possible only through the feedback form;
  • FXSHOOTER, its management, and employees are not responsible for all losses, lost profits, lost profits that may arise when using their product;
  • fairly high price. In fact, for a “pig in a poke” you need to pay from 3 to 4.5 hundred dollars;
  • when you buy FXSHOOTER, the seller automatically assumes that you are legally permitted. Responsibility for violation of the law in which case lies solely with the buyer.

These are only those shortcomings that are clearly distinguished during the initial study of the FXSHOOTER website and the conditions for the purchase and use of the robot. Unfortunately, they testify to the weakness of the adviser and the dubious reputation of its sellers.

FXSHOOTER is a new software product, the developers of which have no reputation, do not represent their team and do not give any information about the strategy used. Such obscurity does not allow the EA to be rated highly, therefore, FXSHOOTER receives 5.2 out of 10 points from us, and this is only because the developers guarantee a refund if the EA is too unprofitable. If you do not agree with our review and can provide arguments in favor of FXSHOOTER, be sure to write about them in the reviews.

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  1. Colten

    Have a nice time of day. I would like to share my personal experience with FXSHOOTER. I did not even have the idea of ​​changing a trade expert, but wanted to increase profits in the financial market, so this option is ideal for those who want to earn passive money. The amount of tools available to the trader is huge, but offers are quickly coming to an end. I also make money on another automated trading project where a robot works on one of the accounts. I am more satisfied with the result than with FXSHOOTER.

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