Ghost Trader is an innovative robot used on the expanses of the Forex trading exchange. After testing its capabilities, we concluded that it could be a revolution in the trading industry. Users consider this program as one of the most popular and modernized among the existing ones, but is it so?

Ghost Trader was developed by FX Ekspert, which is located in Northern Estonia in Harju County. After reviewing the feedback from traders, we can conclude that the team has a dubious reputation on the Forex trading exchange. It is also worth noting that an alternative version of the program they consider the FX Expert Moving Average. It is not widely used and popular among professional traders. However, developers are trying to become a professional group of traders. To date, there is no information about them or their completed transactions.

To contact the developers to clarify certain issues, you can send an email to [email protected]. Unfortunately, there is no hotline number for feedback.

Ghost Trader Strategy

Soon, we are expecting a balanced strategy, according to which it will be possible to use the volatility of the market situation to make a profit. The program analyzes the market using a specific algorithm to open a deal based on a martingale, and then tries to complete it with a profitable result. The alternative FX Expert Moving Average robot, in turn, provides investment protection by opening a hedge trace. Thus, the system avoids volatility but can handle a large movement in one direction without destroying the count.

Analyzing the Ghost Trader, you can notice that the functions of the robot are standard, which almost every similar program has:

  • Low license fee;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy mode setting;
  • Providing market analysis;
  • Monitoring trends;
  • Low drawdown;
  • Help from employees at any convenient time;
  • Surfing deals;
  • Free and regular updates;
  • Simple operation.

The rating of the robot is not very high due to the standard set of functionality and the lack of actual work of the proposed strategy. To raise the rating, developers should more transparently open and show the capabilities of the trading program.

Trading results

ghost trader ea myfxbook

In testing, they provided two Myfxbook live trading accounts. One of them they collaborated with a broker agent FBS, and the second one – with RoboForex. They opened these accounts relatively recently, with the longest account at 3 months. Also, we should note that a long account does not conduct trading since the seller announced the end of trading in Ghost Trader EA.

The stopped account showed 140% growth and landing at 40.56%. They recommend paying attention to drawdowns with an indicator lower than 30%, in particular if the trade is in the martingale system with a holding call through the drawdown. The number of trades on this account is 1,070 times, with an average daily deal, the average profit is 23 in pips and the loss is 39 in pips. The percentage gain is 66.5%, and the worst trade was the deal with a loss of 542.10 pips.

An active record shows a profit of 27.59% with a drawdown of 16.41%. In almost 1 month, an average of one transaction per day was traded on the account 396 times. Winning from a closed transaction takes 71%, where the risk ratio is 2 to 3.

Two analyzed accounts look decent, but with a big and unjustified risk. This situation is more than expected from any martingale methods. Users highly value real accounts with trading experience, but this does not happen as often as we would like.


There is an “ORDER NOW” button on the site when clicked, it will immediately transfer you to the program payment page. Only after the transfer of funds, the buyer receives a link to download the robot. They sell the program at a special price of 499 euros, if the buyer wants to get Forex Robot Nation, then it will cost 300 euros more. By purchasing a package, a trader gets access to his account and an unlimited number of demo accounts. In total, it supports 15 currency pairs. Also, the trader has the opportunity to use free updates for the rest of his life.

This service is quite expensive, but the developers claim that there is access to a trial version of the robot. Unfortunately, we did not find tabs for switching to demo mode. The site has only a tab with the registration of the purchase of the robot at a special price. You can pay for the program using a Visa or MasterCard.


Ghost Trader is backed by the two-month money-back guarantee. There are several ways to do this:

  • PayPal;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Discover Network;
  • American Express.

We should also note that the warranty return to the free test mode has nothing to do. In other words, you pay for the program, if it does not fulfill its functions, then the buyer gets his money back. This can be done within 60 days when the robot continuously performed its work. They will not make the refunds will if the drawdown exceeds 40%. In a different situation, it is covered according to the strategy used, which indicates that the robot performs its function.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ghost Trader EA

The positive side of the Ghost Trader robot is quite small and rests solely on assumptions. As the developers interpret, the program should help the trader, bring good earnings on transactions, but there is no vivid confirmation of this.

Speaking about the shortcomings of the robot, the following aspects can already be identified:

  • Ghost Trader is an unknown and unpopular program with a dubious and not reliable strategy;
  • Feedback with developers exists only via e-mail (the site contains Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest icons – however, the pages themselves are not available on these social networks);
  • They also indicated on the website that the company is not responsible if the trader loses money or loses all his funds from the account (however, he warns about the high risk of investing in foreign currency);
  • Doubtfulness of the action – the company offers to buy a robot at a special price – instead of 799 euros, for only 499 euros (although the amount is also not small);
  • When buying a Ghost Trader robot, the buyer becomes responsible for breaking the law.

Every trader who independently for the first time familiarizes himself with the site of the robot will face such disadvantages. We can consider a dubious seller and insufficient quality adviser work as important shortcomings of the program.

After analysis, the Ghost Trader showed itself from the unequivocal side. Because the robot is a kind of martingale expert, it is difficult to recommend it to readers. The final opinion on this program can be put forward after receiving real feedback from traders who tested it and, directly, used it in trade.

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