FXTRADERKIT Expert Advisors: Features, Risks, and Problems

FXTRADERKIT is a simple one-page website that was launched in 2019 and is located at fxtraderkit.com. The page contains two trading advisers that are designed for day trading (Trader’s Sun) and night trading (Trader’s Moon). The developers claim that with these programs you will receive large profits in the shortest possible time: just buy robots, install and get a stable income. The main problem of this description is that there is no specific information about FXTRADERKIT advisers. Nobody knows who developed all this and why we can trust these people with a deposit. Let’s talk about this in more detail and focus on the main risks that you will encounter when responding to the project’s advertising.

fxtraderkit advisors

FXTRADERKIT Advisor for Day Trading

Trader’s Sun Forex Robot is a fully automatic program compatible with the Metatrader 4 terminal and is suitable for EUR / USD (EUR / USD) and USD / JPY (USD / JPY) currency pairs. The adviser is suitable for traders with different levels of training and it is focused on those who adequately assess risks and are ready to apply three tactical elements in their practice: the martingale method, averaging and hedging of positions.

trader's sun backtests

All of the above descriptions developers packaged in an algorithm that you can implement during the periods of the European and American sessions:

  • First, the program determines significant horizontal levels of support and resistance. The assessment is based on the impact of fundamental economic news.
  • Next, we calculate the strength and direction of the trend. It allows us to understand how likely the future trend impulse is and how long it can last.
  • After all the conditions are met, the adviser takes a position and includes an intelligent money management system that allows achieving the following parameters: average transaction duration – 200 minutes; the average size of a profitable entry is 38 points; one unprofitable – 33 points. That is, in the long run, trade should generate income.

Trader’s Sun trading robot costs $269 and this price includes a lifetime license for one real account, user manual, free updates, and round-the-clock manager support through the contact form on the “Contact Us” section.

FXTRADERKIT Advisor for night trading

Trader’s Moon is an automated trading robot that conducts martingale transactions. It focuses on the Asian session and uses the following currency pairs: Australian dollar / Canadian dollar (AUD / CAD), pound / Canadian dollar (GBP / CAD), pound / Australian dollar (GBP / AUD), Euro / Pound (EUR / GBP), Euro / Franc (EUR / CHF), New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar (NZD / CAD), Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUD / NZD) and Euro / Singapore Dollar (EUR / SGD).

trader's moon backtests

The Martingale system of the Trader’s Moon adviser was finalized by experienced developers who used the MetaQuotes Language 4 programming language and implemented the Tick Data Suite enhancement package. The robot received a floating spread, slippage simulation and quotation data from the Swiss international broker Dukascopy.

Entry points appear after the appearance of several candlestick patterns and a set of specially selected indicators, the full list of which is not specified on the site (there is a commodity channel index (CCI) and Bollinger Bands). Additionally, the adviser uses a filter of the number of active positions, monitors the size of the maximum drawdown, monitors the currency forms involved and simultaneously monitors the economic calendar to disable transactions at the time of publication of important news.

The Trader’s Moon robot costs $269 and is sold with the same kit as its daily counterpart: license, constant updates, instructions, and managerial support.

Special offer

If you want to conduct more transactions and get maximum profit, you can activate Trader’s Sun and Trader’s Moon at the same time. When buying two advisors at once, there are offered $133 discounts and programs can be taken for $405. Additionally, you are assigned a 30-day warranty period, under the conditions of which the invested money can be returned: it is necessary that the robots do not work for 30 days and that the drawdown of the trading account exceeds 40%. You can prepare all the reports and get quick feedback. You can submit a request for compensation. During the review, we filled out the contact form, sending a test question and now for the third day, we are sitting without an answer. How in such conditions to keep within the warranty period – we do not know.

Trader Reviews

There are practically no references to FXTRADERKIT trading robots and all short notes come down to three points: this is fraud, advisers drain the deposit, and managers do not respond to calls and do not allow using the guarantee period. The project does not have an affiliate program, so we doubt that in the future the situation with user reviews will change.


On the website for each adviser, there is a selection of positive backtests, however, the hidden section contains the provision 4.41 CFTC – testing was carried out on a training deposit and has nothing to do with trading for real money. Because of this, we do not take into account the data of the presented tests and consider them unreliable.

User’s agreement

There is no point in analyzing something for a long time, since all such products build their legal documentation so that clients are always in the red:

  • There are no guarantees that FXTRADERKIT advisers will bring at least some profit.
  • Auto trading is a complex activity that involves permanent losses. These losses are inevitable and the trader solely assumes all responsibility for their receipt.
  • If the products presented cease to work or merge the deposit, the company and its employees cannot be summoned to court.

In addition to the above, the company reserves the right to change the terms of the agreement and deprive all traders of the license without any warning.

FXTRADERKIT are two dangerous trading advisors, the use of which is likely to lead to a loss of deposit: both programs use martingale, it is not clear to anyone who has developed it, are built on obscure strategies and cannot be pretested for free. Given all of the above, we recommend that you do not use these products and spend money on something more worthwhile. If you did not like our review and conclusions - go to the comments and share your own opinion. We wish you all a successful trading!

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