Neural BOT by Piotr Stepien is an automatic trading tool for the MT5 platform and focuses on the EURUSD pair. The developer assures that this EA can help you achieve better results with its unique design that does not involve the use of high-risk strategies. This FX robot uses real TP and SL positions and provides analysis of the market 24 hours a day. 

Product Offering

Most of the EAs, promoted by the MQL5 site, have very minimal info related to the trading software, and this FX EA is not an exception. Piotr Stepien is the developer of this FX robot. He is from Poland and has a rating of 4.3/5 for his products, signals, and freelance orders.

Published in March 2021, the current version of this ATS is 1.20 and last updated on 16 April 2021. Stepien’s MQL5 profile reveals he has two years of experience in trading and has developed 50 products, 2 signals, and 52 demo versions. At present, there are 62 subscribers to this EA. 

No phone contact or location address is provided for support except for the link to the Telegram channel. This obvious lack of customer support makes this EA an unreliable trading tool. 

Neural BOT

Neural BOT
Type Fully-automated EA
Price $400
Strategy Neural network and Machine Learning
Compatible Platforms MT5
Currency Pairs EUR/USD
Timeframe Any
Recommended Min. Deposit $300
Recommended Deposit $1000
Leverage 1:500

This FX Robot is available for $400. There is a demo available for free which has been downloaded 1695 times. We could not find a refund option for this ATS. The price, when compared to competitor FX EAs in the market, is very expensive. Moreover, the lack of a money-back guarantee makes the EA an unreliable system.

Trading Strategy

As per the developer, the main operating principle used by this FX robot is neural network principle and Machine Learning. Only a minimum number of trades are performed by the robot but the developer mentions that all the trades are of good quality. This FX EA works optimally on the EURUSD pair on any timeframe. But the developer provides a genetic optimization feature where the EA will be able to work on all currency pairs. 

The minimum deposit recommended is $300 and the recommended leverage is 1:500. However, there is an option to use other leverages based on the money management setting. IC Markets is the broker recommended for this EA and it supports the hedge accounts only. It is disappointing to note that there is no explanation of the strategy used. But a strategy tester report is provided by the developer. 

Trading Results

Here is a screenshot of the backtesting result provided by the developer.

Neural BOT Backtests

From the strategy tester report, we could see the history quality is 100% real ticks. A profit factor of 31.64 is present for this account that started with $300. A net profit of 2,215,481 and a maximal drawdown of 0.41% is shown for the account tested from 2018 up to 2021.

A live account trading result is provided by the developer on the MQL5 site. Here is a screenshots of the results:

Neural BOT trading results

A total of 18 trading days are recorded for the trading account started on April 14, 2021, with an average of 3 trades per week. For an initial deposit of $1000, the profit is 273.16 USD with a maximal drawdown of 16.2% and 98.36% profitable trades. The profit factor is 30.11. We prefer verified results from sites like myfxbook as they reveal more information about an account including the drawdown, risk to reward ratio, lot size, and more.  

Comparing the backtest report and the live trading results, we could see a similar value for the profit factor. But the drawdown is more for the real account and this indicates that the high performance in the backtest is not predictive of the performance of the EA. Further, the sample size shown is very small so the profits cannot be taken for granted.

Customer Reviews

Several user reviews are shown on the MQL5 site for this EA. Here are screenshots of a few of the reviews:

Neural BOT Customer Reviews

From the reviews, it is clear that the EA does not execute trades frequently which can be frustrating for traders, and that the returns are decent. But the drawdown pointed in one of the reviews is high at 29%.

Fully automated EA
Backtest results
The strategy used is not explained
Price is expensive
No myfxbook live account trading results
As an FX robot using neural networks and AI for its trading approach, Neural BOT does not provide authentic proof of its performance. The developer does not provide a proper explanation of the strategy used. While backtests are provided, the lack of trading results verified by sites like myfxbook indicates this is not a reliable EA. Furthermore, the expensive price and lack of refund are other downsides that prevent us from recommending this FX EA.

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