Night Hawk is Forex EA from the DaVinci FX group that claims to let you gain from price shifts in the Forex market. It is a 100% automated system that promises reliability and sends you only profitable signals while providing lifetime support. You can use this robot with an ECN broker and trade with minimal manual intervention.

Product Offering

On the official website of Night Hawk, we have a detailed presentation of the Forex EA, with the main perks and features clearly outlined. Several backtesting and live trading results are shared and a thorough analysis is provided for the former. There is also some information about the company, along with recommended brokers and VPS servers that are compatible with the system.

The lead tester and idea generator behind Night Hawk is an individual called Vitaly Nemykh who has been trading in the Forex market since 2006. He has had ample experience in managing investment portfolios while keeping the risk low.

Roman Starostin is the lead software developer, and he has been active in the Forex market since 2013. He has developed several trading algorithms in the past and has worked on numerous investment projects. Apart from this, there is a helper team consisting of traders and testers who test and optimize the trading algorithms. The vendor has provided email addresses for all the team members.

We appreciate the fact that the vendor has not chosen to hide the details about the team members because this is a sign of a transparent and honest company. Night Hawk can be purchased for a one-time fee of $275. For purchasing any future versions of the software, you can avail of a 30% discount. However, no money-back guarantee is offered by the vendor, which is a bad sign.

Night Hawk
Type Fully-automated EA 
Price $275
Strategy Modified Martingale
Compatible Platforms MT4 
Timeframe All
Recommended Min. Deposit Not disclosed
Leverage Not disclosed

Trading Strategy

Night Hawk is a fully-automated expert advisor trading in all kinds of pairs like AUD/CAD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD, NZD/CAD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, and EUR/SGD while using a modified Martingale strategy. The Average True Range indicator is used by the Forex EA for the grid construction of dynamic orders.

Nigth Hawk has four smart filters that allow it to prematurely withdraw from a trading position based on new signals. This way you can secure your profit until the price reverses in direction. It has an in-built money management functionality that lets it select a lot based on the deposited amount. The drawdown level is drastically reduced with the help of news and currency filters. 

Trading Results

Night Hawk (by DaVinci FX group) Trading Results

Here we have the backtesting data for the AUD/CAD pair, conducted from 11th January 2012 to 16th April 2020. We can see that a profit of $12,260.23 was generated by the Forex EA during this backtest from deposits of $3000. The daily and monthly gains for this test were 0.05% and 1.63%, respectively, and the drawdown was moderate at 28.34%.

In this test, a total of 1992 trades were placed, out of which 1432 were won, and this represents the profitability of 72%. The system won 72% of long trades and 71% of short trades, and the average win was 33.26 pips/$18.98. It has a profit factor of 1.82, which is less than what most systems manage to achieve in a backtest, but it is still quite decent.

Night Hawk (by DaVinci FX group) Myfxbook

The vendor has provided live trading results for two different accounts using different brokers, but here we shall look into the one running on the IC Markets broker. Launched on 20th December 2018, this account had made 1642 trades to date, winning 1239 out of them. Thus, it has 75% profitability both for long and short trades, and it wins 23.90 pips/$3.77 on an average. 

One thing that did not impress us about this trading result is the number of consecutive losses. Although most trades are closed in profit, when the losses start appearing, they eat up a significant portion of your account. 

Customer Reviews

We couldn’t find any user reviews for Night Hawk on Trustpilot of Forexpeacearmy. Although it has been trading live for more than 2 years, it seems it doesn’t have much of a reputation yet. Most Forex traders would shy away from investing in a system that has no customer reviews to its name.

Live trading results verified by Myfxbook
High-quality backtesting data
Identity of developers and traders revealed
Uses the risky Martingale strategy
No customer reviews
Money-back guarantee not offered
In the end, we would like to say that Night Hawk is certainly not a scam service provider. But then, it uses the risky Martingale strategy that may lead to consecutive losses, and we have no user reviews on this system. So investing in this Forex EA comes with its fair share of risks.

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