NorthEastWay is a trading solution for automatic trading on Forex. The pricing is insane and looks ridiculously high. Today we will be providing a full review of this FX EA and telling our readers what they can expect from this trading machine. 

Product offering

Let’s talk about risks, settings, details, and other information. 

  • The system was developed to open and close orders on the market automatically for us. 
  • It was updated not so far ago. 
  • The current price of $8346 will be increased to $9987. It’s sky-high.
  • The robot works to trade “popular “pullback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD.”
  • “The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading – the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction.”
  • We should write to the dev after purchasing to get added to a private channel with settings. 
  • The system supports one chart setup. 
  • “Long Term tests for 5-10 years are recommended to show the EA’s stability during various market conditions.”

NorthEastWay price.

The system can be bought for $8346. The vendor points out that this price is left for the last 5 copies of the system. The next 10 copies will be sold for $9987. The system does not include a money-back guarantee. It’s madness. 

Trading strategy

  • The robot works with price action and counter trend strategies. 
  • The main time frame is M15. 

Trading results

NorthEastWay backtest report.

The robot was tested on the only 94% quality of the tick data. There were three symbols tested. An initial deposit was $100 that has turned into $1,009,786 of the total net profit. The maximum drawdown was 14.23%. The profit factor was 3.02 when the recovery factor was 4.67. It has executed 4395 trades with 75-76% of the win rate. 

NorthEastWay trading results.

The advisor has trading results provided. The system runs on a real account with 1:100 leverage only. The absolute gain has become 5009%. It works with the 46.6% maximal drawdowns. The maximum deposit load is 59.4%. It has a 72.1% win rate. The single reliability is medium. 

NorthEastWay details.

The average trade frequency is 52 deals weekly. An average trade length is three days. 

NorthEastWay monthly profits.

The advisor hasn’t lost any months before. 

NorthEastWay closed orders.

The system uses aggressive Martingale to make profits. It doesn’t work with a Grid of orders. 

NorthEastWay statistics. 

The robot has closed 3957 orders. The best trade is $1794 when the worst trade is -$549. The recovery factor is 33.40 when the profit factor is 2.70. An annual forecast is 83.22%. 

NorthEastWay traded pairs and directions.

The most traded pair is NZDCAD with 1223 orders. 

People testimonials.

We can easily find many negative testimonials about that the robot doesn’t work properly and signals are scams. 

Customer reviews

People testimonials. 

The testimonials in the robot profile are positive. They can be paid ones. 

The dev’s profile.

Pavel Udovichenko is a dev from Russia with a 8910 rate. There are four products in his portfolio. The robots’ rate is 3.7 based on 227 reviews.

Backtest reports shared
Trading results shown
The risky strategies on the board
The system has insane pricing
We have many negative testimonials from signals subscribers
There’s no rental option available
NorthEastWay is one of the most expensive robots we have ever seen. The presentation and trading results look like that the system can cost $500-900, but not almost $9000. Testimonials from signal subscribers have many negatives about the robot’s performance. We are sure that the robot should be avoided.

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