Stenvall Mark III is an FX Robot that practices a hybrid trading approach. It is the third generation EA of the original Stenvall Mark developed in 2016. As per the developer, this FX EA has provided 200% returns and a very low drawdown. The developer claims that it is apt for private investments for the long term or for creating trust management accounts.

Product offering

Gennady Sergienko is the developer of this ATS. He is located in Russia and has more than 5 years of experience in developing FX trading tools. He has 7 products and 2 signals to his credit. A telegram link and a website address are provided for support. Messaging via the MQL5 site is also an option. As per the vendor, this EA was first made available in 2019. It was initially created as a night scalper and later improvements in the functions and trading approach were made. He claims that it has reached 70% accuracy and that it uses a stable and precise approach that will continue to evolve.

Stenvall Mark III

Type Fully-automated EA
Price $980
Strategy Trend, Counter-trend
Compatible Platforms MT5
Currency Pairs EURUSD
Timeframe M5
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A

This EA is available for $980. A rental package is present that costs $399 per year. The product comes with a free demo. No info is present concerning the features available with the package. We could not find a refund offer for the product which makes us suspect its reliability. Further, compared to other similar products in the market, we find that EA is overpriced. Considering the lack of a refund offer and other downsides in the system we find it is not worth the money.

Trading strategy

Trading strategy of Stenvall Mark III.

This FX EA uses a mixture of trend and counter-trend approaches. The developer does not explain the approach used, instead claims that the strategy is stable and will be successful on the EURUSD pair despite the volatility of the pair. 

The lack of explanation makes us doubt the reliability of the EA. It does not use rollover trading and dangerous methods like Martingale, Grid, and other such strategies. This MT5 tool uses the algorithmic method with a long hold position and intricate wave analysis. Each trade is safeguarded using an SL.

Trading results

Backtesting report of Stenvall Mark III.

A backtesting result is provided on the MQL5 site. However, the developer does not provide a comprehensive report. From the details shown, it is clear that the system had generated a total profit of 850% for an initial deposit of $1000. The test was done with 100% modeling quality and using the ‘real ticks’ method. Leverage of 1:100 was used for the account.

A real JPY account using the Forex Chief broker and the leverage of 1:400 on the MT4 platform verified by the myfxbook site is shown here.

Growth curve of Stenvall Mark III.

Advanced trading stats for Stenvall Mark III

A total profit of 186.1% and an absolute profit of similar value are present for the account. The daily and monthly profits are 0.11% and 3.40% respectively. A drawdown of 23.80% is present which shows a high-risk approach. The account that started with ¥11,283.00 in April 2019, has completed 526 trades with a profitability of 65% and a profit factor value of 1.64. We could not find the details of the lot sizes used for the trading as the info is hidden. The hidden data raises a red flag for this EA.

Customer reviews

We found 20 reviews for this EA on the MQL5 site with a rating of 2.17/5. Here are a few of the recent feedback:

User complaining of big losses with Stenvall Mark III.

User claiming it is a scam.

From the reviews, we can see that the system has resulted in big losses and the users recommend not to use the system as it can only end in losing your capital.

Fully automated software
Verified trading results
The strategy used is not explained
Trading results show a high-risk approach
Product is overpriced
Stenvall Mark III claims to provide stable and profitable returns. Our evaluation of the FX EA shows it has many shortcomings that prove the claims are false. To begin with, the developer does not offer a proper explanation of the trading approach. From the live trading results, we can see the drawdown is high, and further, the hidden info on the lots used makes us suspicious of the reliability of the system. The expensive pricing, lack of a refund offer, and negative reviews are other downsides that prove this is not an FX robot you should invest in. We do not recommend this FX EA.

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