Ohlsen Trading is a service that wants to tell us nothing on the main page of the presentation. It’s weird because it shows the level of marketing the developers have. We don’t know anything about a company, registration details, or at least developers.

Product Offering

We have no details about the developers published. These “four horsemen” are everything that the developers explained to us about the service and how it could make us rich. 

Ohlsen Trading Product Offering

  • The monthly gain can be from 4 to 13%. 
  • The accuracy rate is 99%. It’s a 100% scammer. 
  • “When we do lose, we lose quite big. That’s no problem, though, because we usually gain that same amount in 14-30 days. Check out our backtest for more info.” We have no idea what it means. It sounds like random words placed in random order. 
  • There’s a 30-day trial that’s available for 2.5 EUR only. 
  • The developers are sure that we can be profitable on Forex with them. 
  • There’s no effort required. 
  • This service is a copy trading one. 
  • We have to register an account with a broker. 
  • We have to use the software on the MT4 platform. 
  • There are three subscriptions available that vary by range. 
  • They try to convince us that “Usually prices range from $100-$200 a month, and we are far below that.”

Ohlsen Trading - registration

Ohlsen Trading -VPS

Ohlsen Trading - settings

Ohlsen Trading - copy trading

  • There’s a slider with the list of required actions to get started with the service. 

Ohlsen Trading price

The first pack is for free. We join the Telegram and get nothing. The second price is 60 EUR monthly. We can expect to get up to 4% monthly. Copy-trading goes 24/5 fully automatically. There are no hidden fees. The ultimate pack costs 65 EUR and can provide us with 13% of the monthly gain. 

Trading Strategy

  • We have no idea what they try to sell us under their signals label. 
  • The same we can say about currency pairs and time frames. Everything is covered. 

Trading Results

Ohlsen Trading - Trading Results

This information just proves that they treat us like idiots. Where are proofs of the mentioned before 99% accuracy rate? Where can we check the results of your “4-5 years of trading experience?” It’s an iconic scam because we have neither backtest reports nor trading results. It’s a crucial drawback because no one wants to copy signals on a real account without an understanding of what to expect. 

Customer Reviews

Ohlsen Trading Customer Reviews

The company has a page on Trustpilot with two testimonials. 

Ohlsen Trading Customer Reviews

Alas, they are fake comments because they were published on the same day half a year ago, and since then, there was nothing posted. Of course, they liked each other’s posts. We are not surprised at all. The fact that there are no comments for that long period means that the service looks like a scam in seekers’ eyes. There’s nothing special.

It’s easy to understand from first sight that the company is a scam. It’s a significant pro
No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No strategy explanations provided
No risk or money management advice given
No backtest reports provided
No verified trading results shared
No proof of 5 years of trading experience provided
Fake comments are published
Weird pricing
Not welcome and not informative presentation
There’s a lack of real people testimonials
No free signals provided
No pips counter deployed
Ohlsen Trading is a scam service that tries to get our €60 monthly for their no-one-seen signals. The developers covered all intel about signals’ quality and their success. The vendor doesn’t have a real or even a demo account to prove that they know what the Forex market is and how to be profitable on it.

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