Powerhouse Energy Group has announced that the process to publish the specification of its European patent has been temporarily paused. The U.K. technology company received notification from the European Patent Office on Oct. 9, stating that the process has been “stayed.” This is a standard practice when entitlement proceedings for a patent are initiated in the courts. The “stay” attached to the granted patent will be removed once the claim against the company is dismissed.

The claim has been filed by GetGo Recycling on Oct. 6. Powerhouse Energy strongly believes that the claim is without merit and vexatious, and it is fully prepared to defend its Intellectual Property rights. However, the company has not yet had any communication or received further information from GetGo Recycling regarding the claim.

As per regulations, service of the claim must occur within four months of the filing date if GetGo Recycling chooses to proceed with the claim.

Despite these legal proceedings, Powerhouse Energy Group expects that its ongoing work and business operations will remain unaffected.

Chairman Antony Gardner-Hillman expressed that he is unfamiliar with GetGo Recycling and believes that their action is an attempt to weaken Powerhouse Energy as a targeted party before pursuing unrelated matters. In response, the company has filed a claim for defense legal costs indemnity under its Intellectual Property insurance policy and is currently in the process of engaging IP litigation solicitors.

It should be noted that Powerhouse Energy Group was granted the patent application for waste material treatment on Sept. 15.

No comment was immediately available from GetGo Recycling in response to a request for comment from Dow Jones Newswires.

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