Price Action Ltd offers trading signals for multiple pairs that traders can copy manually. There is also an automated copy trading service that promises to provide 40% gains each month. The company makes super high claims about the returns and their service. Let us observe and see if they are actually true or just another scam.

Product offering

The seller arranges the information under multiple tabs on the website. The information is comprehensive, and it may take some time for traders to get what they need. All the packages come at a cost that is shared neatly. 

Vendor transparency

The company doesn’t present any information on the developers of the strategy or their experience in trading. Lack of transparency is damaging to the reputation of the signal providers. It raises many eyebrows on the genuineness and the authenticity.


Traders are offered the scalping signals for a monthly price of $37. It is also possible to purchase indices and commodities signals for a one-time price of $495. Algo trading will require a minimum of $20 a month and at least $500 in deposit.

The pricing system of the service.

Trading strategy

The providers state that they use many trading strategies that differ according to each market. They trade during London and New York sessions for indices and commodities and benefit from the market overlaps. The same approach is used for providing signals to scalp the markets. They claim to provide 6-8 trades in their VIP channel. 

The company is also not transparent in sharing its game plan properly, which is highly concerning. This approach is the way of scammers in the markets. There are also no live Myfxbook records that we can use to analyze the strategy.

Trading results

There are no trading records available which add fuel to the fire on the company’s outlook. They only share a chart for monthly output for the algo trading. It is pretty easy to manipulate results shared manually; therefore, we can not conclude anything from that.

The company claims to make 25-30% return a month on their regular signals with 1% risk each trade. They state a winning rate of 90%, which is quite ridiculous as such a number is not achievable in the financial markets. Price Action Ltd is using such an approach to attract potential investors and possibly rob them of their cash.

Trading performance tracking on the website.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews on TrustPilot give them a rating of 4.5 for 189 feedbacks. Most of the comments look as if they have been bought. We head over to Forex Peace Army, where it is impossible to deceive the reviews as the moderators are checking them constantly.

At FPA, the company only has a rating of 1.431 for 55 reviews. Customers state that they have joined their service, but they are only facing losses, and there are no profits. They comment that Price Action Ltd is a big scam, and traders should stay away from it. 

Customer review on FPA.

Another trader states that their loss rate is 70%. He says that he was caught in by the company’s marketing campaign and gave in after using the free trial. He states that after using the service, he got a margin call within 3-4 days. The company is a huge scam.

Customer review on FPA.

Multiple packages to choose from
No money-back guarantee
No satisfactory live account results
The company is not transparent about their strategy
Price Action Ltd tries to scam customers by presenting fake results, which is evident from the reviews on Forex Peace Army. There are no trustworthy comments on the platform which states that it is not profitable to follow the signals.

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