FX Profit Pips is a provider of live Forex and commodity signals. The signals are said to have an accuracy rate of more than 90%. However, these are just mere words with no verifiable tangible proof. Read through this review to find out what we mean. 

Product offering

FX Profit Pips comes with the following features: 

  • Customer support.
  • Sends Forex signals through Whatsapp, SMS, and email according to the trader’s preference. A duplicate backup signal is also sent to the trader’s registered email ID. 
  • All trades are closed on a similar day, usually by 12.30 PM (GMT).
  • Guidelines on how to utilize Forex signals.
  • Fixed stop losses and take-profits. 

Not much is known about the people behind FX Profit Pips. We expected to find detailed information about the professionals on the ‘about us’ page, but we did not. Rather, the section focuses on describing the functions of the company. 

However, we stumbled upon some intel about the team on the ‘services’ page, which we have decided to share with you. Apparently, the company works with a total of 56 experts who identify themselves as ex-bankers and industry traders who are spread out across 11 different countries. We are disappointed by the management’s disinterest in revealing their names, and portfolios though. 

There are 4 packages on offer. We have the starter, standard, premium, and pro signals packs, which cost $10, $29, $49, and $50 respectively. The pips you can attain depend on the plan chosen. The offers expire when the trader achieves the guaranteed pips. The pro pack has some unique features, including minute to minute updates and 1 personal manager. Traders can receive a refund if the signals provided turn out to be unprofitable. 

FX Profit Pips packages.

If you are not interested in the above packages, you are invited to subscribe to the firm’s Pro plans that will allow you to utilize its managed account or copy its trades free of charge. 

FX Profit Pips Pro free plans. 

Trading strategy

FX Profit Pips offers live signals for gold and other trading symbols featuring USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, NZD, and AUD currencies. Unfortunately, info on the timeframe used and the recommended deposit is missing. 

The trading strategy on board remains a mystery as well. The statement: “Our business experts help you assess the market by letting you know about the entry and exit points by studying the indices live chart” does little to  help us  understand the trading style the analysts focus on. The company is naïve to think that traders will just take it for its word and blindly trust it to make good trading decisions on their behalf.  

Trading results

The past performance data and the live trading results posted on the website cannot be trusted since they have not been verified. The devs could have used their skills to manipulate the data to persuade traders about the profitability of their services. Nonetheless, we have assessed the results as follows:

FX Profit Pips’ past performance. 

The performance of the services seems too good to be true. All signals provided for trading the different currency pairs were fruitful, and not one recorded a loss. This is unrealistic given the nature of the Forex market. Many uncertainties abound in this trading platform, and so, it is only normal to see the trader make some losses here and there.

Live trading stats. 

This live account shows us that nearly all signals provided were profitable except one. If the signals are this successful, then there is nothing stopping the vendor from opening an account with a trusted third-party site like Myfxbook for traders to track the said excellent performance. Their reluctance to do so only raises eyebrows.  

The results may not even belong to FX Profit Pips. The company’s label on them should not fool you. 

Customer reviews

We have a handful of customer reviews on the official website. Just like the trading data, we believe that these testimonials have been manipulated to make FX Profit Pips appeal to the masses. So, we advise you not to take them seriously. Reviews on sites like Trustpilot, FPA, and Quora are usually more trustworthy.

Customer support is provided
Cheap pricing
Vendor transparency is lacking
No clear strategy explanation
Untrustworthy customer reviews
Unverifiable live trading and past results
FX Profit Pips is in the business of making money at your expense. The devs do not deem it important to present us with their portfolio, the strategy they use, or even furnish us with credible trading results. All they care about is getting people interested in their services and profit from them in the process. We hence ask you not to fall prey to their scheme.

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