Ranger EA was published on the MQL5 community on November 19, 2020. Now, it has 1195 demo downloads. The robot was just updated on March 2, 2021, to a 4.1 version.

Ranger EA rating

Ranger EA Characteristics

Product Offering

The presentation lacks much useful information because it is just a one-page presentation.

  • Ranger EA trades automatically on the terminal.
  • The robot was backtested on the real 10-year tick data received from brokers.
  • We can expect to receive 2.5-10% of the monthly profit depending on the risk we can afford ourselves.
  • The default settings are good to go for being profitable.
  • The EA opens trades with low frequency. We can expect to trade just several trades weekly.
  • The system trades under FIFO rules.
  • The developer of Ranger EA is Ryan Brown from the United States.
  • Ryan Brown has two products in the portfolio: Ranger EA and Pinpoint EA. He has a 5549 rate profile. 

Ranger EA price

Ranger EA costs $497 for a copy. We are sure this price is twice higher than it should be. There are two rental options. The one rent is available for $40. This pricing is affordable for many. The three-month rent is available for $120. We can download a free copy to check it on MT4. The vendor doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee.

Trading Strategy

  • The robot works with GBP/CAD and AUD/CAD.
  • It also trades NZD/CAD.
  • It “uses a corrective trading technique to turn losing trades into winners.”
  • The GBP/CAD should be set on the M30 time frame.
  • The AUD/CAD on the H1 time frame.
  • The default settings are the best for AUD/CAD.

Trading Results

Ranger EA Trading Results

There’s a backtest of the AUD/CAD currency pair on 10+ years of broker data. The modeling quality was 99.90%. The absolute gain has become +104,015.01% from January 10, 2010, to August 17, 2020. An average monthly gain was +5.53%. The maximum drawdown was 55.85%.

Ranger EA Myfxbook

Ranger EA performs on the demo USD account. It uses a Trader’s Way robot. It works automatically on MT4. The leverage was set at 1:500. The account has Track Record and Trading Privileges Verified. It was deployed on January 07, 2020, funded at $1000, and never withdrawn. Since then, the absolute gain has become +86.23%. An average monthly gain is 4.52%. The maximum drawdown is 10.19%. One hundred thirty-seven investors check the account’s weekly reports.

Ranger EA advanced statistics

Ranger EA closed 761 deals with 9110.8 pips. An average win is 27.83 pips when an average loss is -26.29 pips. The win-rate is 70% for Longs and 71% for Shorts. An average trade length is over a day. The Profit Factor is 2.77.

Ranger EA trading results

The robot focuses on trading AUD/CAD, GBP/CAD, and NZD/CAD. We don’t know the settings for NZD/CAD. The most traded and profitable currency pair is GBP/CAD with 454 deals with $465.80.

Ranger EA trading results

The robot focuses on the European trading hours.

Ranger EA trading results

As we can see, Thursday is the less-traded day (109 deals).

Ranger EA trading results

The robot performs deals with low risks to the account balance.  Ranger EA trading results

The expert advisor uses big Grids of orders with Martingale to increase profitability. It sets the account at high risk.

Ranger EA monthly gain

The system provides little profits, as for a robot that uses this risky combo of Grid with Martingale.

Customer Reviews

Ranger EA Customer Reviews

The presentation includes only two reviews. There are no other comments on the web.

Backtest reports provided
Trading results provided
The one-month rent costs affordable money
No strategy explanations given
No settings details provided
No money-management advice given
There are Grid and Martingale risky strategies on the board
The developer didn’t mention they are there.
High pricing
No refund policy provided
The presentation lacks people feedback
Ranger EA is a just-released robot that performs Grid and Martingale on a demo account. Trading results are little for that type of the strategies combo. The pricing is twice higher than it should be for a young robot without a money-back guarantee. We won’t suggest you use it.

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