The vendor has not put much effort into convincing the public to purchase the Fall. Perhaps he thinks the cheap pricing is enough to attract traders. This meticulous review will help you understand what the product features and decide whether it fits your trading needs. 

Product offering

The Fall’s presentation is brief and not very informative. The developer mainly lists the characteristics of the product, and despite mentioning the strategy, he does not go into details. The profile is highlighted as well, but the developer’s background is not comprehensive enough. 

The Fall was created by Bruce Webb. According to his profile, he is based in the US and has 2 years experience in the market. He has also developed a number of other indicators including, the Fall for the MT4 platform, Bruce’s Price Predictor Dashboard, Bruce Session Indicator, and Bruce’s Price Predictor (for MT4/5 terminals). Bruce’s credentials are not presented. So, his qualifications as a professional Forex developer and trader are in doubt. 

The Fall can only be rented for 1 year at $50. You are asked to hurry and buy it before the price doubles. There is no money-back guarantee. 

The Fall’s renting price. 

Trading strategy

When it comes to the trading strategy, the Fall focuses on showing precise Sell reversals. Since it is designed to alert Sells only, traders are told to take the arrows in a downtrend only for best results. The system is also said to be great for scalping and swing trading. 

Traders should be aware that false signals are a reality with these reversals. A reversal may take place using an indicator, but then the price instantly resumes and moves in the previous direction again. In such instances, the trader may experience a sizable loss or profit erosion. 

The following characteristics are also featured in the product:

  • Created to work on the MT5 platform only.
  • Non-repainting.
  • Provides arrow entry alerts.
  • Mobile and desktop alerts are available.
  • Works on any timeframe.
  • Arrow signals alert at the “open of the candle”.
  • Works on any MT5 pair.
  • Perfect for new traders and expert traders.
  • Coinexx broker is recommended.

Trading results

The presentation of this indicator does not include its backtest results. So, it is likely that Bruce didn’t test the efficiency of the system. If this is the case, then we are disappointed that the robustness and sensitivity of its strategy to changing parameters was not assessed. Therefore, we don’t know the specific market conditions where the approach is important and tradable.

The trading results are not incorporated either. The vendor has not opened any accounts with trusted sites like Myfxbook, FXBlue, or FXStat to show us how the system trades in the live market. As a consequence, we are not knowledgeable about its potential win rate percentage, trading frequency, the winning and losing streaks, and the average values for wins and losses. 

Customer reviews

Since its introduction to the public on August 9, 2021, the Fall has received 9 reviews from traders. All of them are saying that this indicator is great. However, live trading results are not there to prove to us that these claims are true. We are hence forced to conclude that the testimonials are part of the marketing strategy and hence untrustworthy. 

Affordable price
Provides mobile and desktop alerts
Backtest results are missing
No live trading results
Unreliable customer reviews
Through this review, we have seen that there is no way of telling how the indicator performs in the real market. Backtest results are not even there to give us a clue about the effectiveness of its strategy. Therefore, it would be dangerous to try it out as you may end up losing a significant portion of your investment.

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