Tiburon EA is an MT4 tool that is designed to work mainly on the EURUSD pair. It is a fully automated FX EA that claims to have excellent results when used on the H1 Timeframe with the duration from 2011 up to 2021. 

As per the developer, the trading approach of this FX robot is based on multiple indicators including an indicator customized by the developer. The combination of EAs allows the system to eliminate the false signals and focus only on the profitable signals. According to the developer, the expert advisor is easy to use and has a high degree of accuracy in its entries.

Product offering

Features and recommendations for Tiburon EA.

Elizaveta Erokhina is the developer of this FX EA. She is from Russia and has developed 6 products, 10 signals, and 112 demo versions. As per the profile info of the developer on the MQL5 page, this EA strives to accomplish stability in the long term. This FX EA was first published in September 2021. Other than an email address and the messaging option via the MQL5 site, there are no other support methods the developer offers. We could not find location info, phone details, etc. The inadequate support and lack of vendor transparency make us suspect this is not a reliable EA.

Tiburon EA

Type Fully-automated EA
Price $400
Strategy Price action
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs EUR/USD
Timeframe H1
Recommended Min. Deposit $3000
Recommended Deposit $10000
Leverage N/A

Pricing of Tiburon EA.

To purchase this FX Robot, you have to shell out $400. A couple of rental options are present for the EA. A one-month rental option costing $200 and a 3-month rental costing $250 can be found on the official site along with a free demo offer. The developer mentions that the price may increase to $500 soon.

Trading strategy

As per the developer, this EA uses standard crossing with oversold and overbought areas for identifying suitable order entries. With the help of the indicators, it helps identify the potential changes in price at specific levels. Stochastic and RSI are the main indicators that ensure efficient trades are executed.  

A timeframe of one hour is used for this FX robot and ECN brokers are recommended by the developer. The developer boasts of backtesting results and live performance. Users need not worry about their lack of required trading skills as the FX robot is user-friendly. It uses a dynamic TP feature for its trades and has broker compatibility.

Trading results

Backtesting results for Tiburon EA.

A few backtests are present on the MQL5 site. Shown above is one of the backtests done with a modeling quality of 99.9%. From the stats provided, we can see the test was done from 2005 up to 2021. For a deposit of $1000, the total profit generated was 41175.74. Profitability of 74.34% and a profit factor value of 3.94 were present. The relative drawdown was high at 34.83%. From the results, it is clear that the FX EA did not perform well resulting in low profits and high drawdown. 

A demo trading account is shown on the MQL5 site. Here is a screenshot of the results.

Demo account trading results of Tiburon EA.

From the trading stats, we can see the growth shows 8.74% for the demo account that started in August 2021. For a deposit of $3000, the profit gained is $262.12. A drawdown of 7.5% and a profit factor of 3.60 are present. 

A profitability of 69.66% is present for the account. While the drawdown is low, the profits are not high. The small sample size also does not reflect the true performance of the EA. Comparing the backtests and live demo trading results we find the backtests show better performance than the demo results. This shows that the performance in the backtests cannot always be expected in the real-time trading results.

Customer reviews

We could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed third-party sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. The lack of feedback indicates this is not a popular product.

Fully automated EA
Customized indicator
No explanation of the trading approach
Small sample size
No money-back assurance
Tiburon EA assures accurate trade entries and profitable results. Our evaluation of the functionality, trading approach and other characteristics of this FX EA indicates it is not a trustworthy product. While the developer mentions the use of indicators, there is no mention of the strategy or an explanation. Further, only a demo account is present for the EA which shows a small sample size. Without proper real trading results verified by sites like myfxbook or FXBlue, we suspect this is not a reliable expert advisor.

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