Tioga is a trading solution that was designed to help us with making profits on Forex automatically. The developer is a beginner on the MQL5 market. The presentation could have been written better. It’s noticeable that the dev does not pay enough attention to this system. So, we are here to check the robot out. 

Product offering

For your comfort, we have united all the details in the following list, structuring them by priority. So, please, have a look. 

  • The robot works on the market automatically. 
  • The current price is $195 with a Christmas sale. 
  • An average price is approximately $495. 
  • It will rise to $795.
  • The main strategy to make profits is scalping. 
  • It “is using mean reversion at the end of the US season.”
  • The system can provide us with smooth profitability. 
  • The dev provides us with informative and quick support. 
  • M5 is the preset time frame to work on. 
  • The risks can be customized manually with the robot. 
  • An average risk is set at 4%.
  • We’d like to start working with a 1% risk. 
  • The advisor prefers scalping at night: from 21:00 to 22:59 GMT. (London Time).
  • The advisor works, following FIFO rules on every cross pair attached. 
  • We may start trading without previous experience in trading. 
  • A VPS service is a good option for us. 
  • $300 is the minimum balance requirements.
  • An ECN account allows us to work with low slippage.
  • We have to customize GMT Offset settings. 

Tioga pricing.

As we mentioned before, the price is currently discounted, $195 instead of $495. We can subscribe to the system for $45 monthly. There’s a possibility to download a demo copy of the system. 

Trading strategy

  • It doesn’t work with Grid, Martingale, Cost Averaging strategies. 
  • It works with fixed Stop Loss levels for every open deal on the market.
  • The main pair to trade is EURUSD. 
  • M5 is the core tile frame to work with. 

Trading results

Tioga backtest report.

We have a report that unites 11 pairs at once on the 7% risk test. The history quality was 100%. The data period was 10 months of 2021. An initial deposit was $3000 that has turned into $113,811 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 5.84 when the recovery factor was 9.76. The maximum drawdown was 17.99%. Tioga has executed 1978 deals with 98.77% of the win rate for shorts and 99.56% for longs. 

Tioga trading results.

The advisor keeps trading with various success only on a demo account. So, no real money is involved in trading. The broker is Russia-based – Alpari. It works with 1:500 leverage with 12% of the maximum drawdown. The maximum deposit load is 10.6%. These numbers are common and pretty acceptable. The accuracy is as high as 91.5%. An initial deposit was $1000. An absolute growth is 33.37%. It has lost 5-6% during a short period of time. 

Tioga statistics.

An average trade frequency is 43 deals weekly. An average trade length is 7 hours. There are 14 subscribers. The number increased twice. 

Tioga growth chart.

The system keeps losing money in December. 

Tioga closed orders.

It’s noticeably that an average loss is insanely deep compared with profits. 

Tioga details.

The robot has executed 585 orders. The best trade is $12.17 when the worst trade is -$56.65. The recovery factor is 1.83 when the profit factor is 1.65. An average profit is $1.58 when an average loss is -$10.28. An average monthly growth is 3.15%. It decreased three times.

Tioga distribution process.

USDCHF with 64 orders traded is the most active pair. It’s not usual for USDCHF. The sell direction is traded much more. 

Customer reviews

The dev’s profile.

Ozkan Lara is a Turkey developer with a 23,572 rate. This rate is not a big one. There is a five star rate based on four reviews. His portfolio includes two products and one signal. 

People testimonials.

A negative testimonial told us about the losses in the near past.

Backtest reports shown
Trading results provided
A sale applied
No money management advice provided
No settings explanations provided
The system is too young
The robot doesn’t work stable in December 2021

Tioga is the first trading advisor from the developer. So, it’s too young to tell about it for sure. The system worked well, but not in December 2021. We have to wait for upcoming updates.

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