TJ10X Forex Indicator is a newly launched indicator that generates buy and sell signals for all pairs and all timeframes. According to the vendor, it has an accuracy of 82%, but we need to verify this at our end by performing a thorough analysis of the system.

Product offering

On the official website, we have a short introduction to what the indicator is about. This is followed by a list of features, after which the vendor explains how to use the system and what strategy to use with it. We have a short video explaining the strategy and several screenshots of trading setups.

This is a product from the Malaysian-based Sinry Advice team that has built robots like Swing VIP, MG Pro EA, Trend Reversal EA, Forex Super Expert Advisor, and Forex Mega Trade. We have the official address for the company headquarters, but the vendor has not shared the details of the team members.

Taking a quick look at the website, we do not see any verified live trading results. This immediately creates a bad impression. There are several user testimonials on the website, but it seems like the vendor has manufactured them. Therefore, our expectations from this indicator are quite low. 

You can purchase this indicator for $59. After completing the checkout, you can immediately download the software onto your device. The price is quite close to the market average, and the vendor offers a money-back guarantee. However, there is a small window of 14 days during which you need to test the performance. We feel this is not enough time to gauge the performance of an indicator. It needs at least 30 to 60 days before you can determine whether a trading system is profitable or not. 

Type Forex indicator
Price $59
Strategy Swing, Scalping, Trend, Fast Scalping, Tick Trend
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs All
Timeframe All
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A

Trading strategy

TJ10X Forex Indicator works on all pairs and timeframes. It has the trend power feature that lets you see the strength of the signal and tells you which signal has the highest accuracy. You only need to pay for the indicator once to get access to all future updates. 

You have the option of choosing between five strategies, namely Trend, Swing, Tick Trend, Fast scalping, and Scalping. After you’ve made the purchase, you need to download the file and share your MT4 account number with the support team to get the license key. To get the indicator started, you need to enter the key in the input settings. 

The vendor recommends trading only when the swing candle is close since the signals tend to vary for open candles. When the trend power value for the signal is more than 40, you can place a trade based on it. Those below 40 are less likely to be profitable. 

Trading results

Live trading chart for TJ10X Forex Indicator.

On the official website, the vendor has shared several screenshots of trading charts. However, these are not substitutes for verified live trading results. The vendor has not shared any link to third-party websites like FXBlue, FXStat, or Myfxbook, thus we can assume that the indicator has not been tested in the live market.

Since this is not an automated trading system, it is not necessary for the vendor to share the backtesting data. But the absence of live trading statistics is something we cannot ignore. This is the bare necessity for any Forex trader who wants to invest in an indicator, and as such, we cannot consider the TJ10X Forex Indicator reliable.

Customer reviews

User reviews for TJ10X Forex Indicator on the official website. 

We were unable to find any user reviews for this Forex indicator on third-party review websites. Thus, it is evident that not many people trust this system as of now. The absence of verified trading statistics could be a major reason for traders to steer clear of this system. Although there are some user testimonials on the official website, they seem to have been manipulated by the vendor.

Available at an affordable price
Works on all timeframes and pairs
Verified live trading results not available
No customer reviews
Small refund window of 14 days
TJ10X Forex indicator is not a safe investment, primarily because it lacks verified live statistics. Also, the indicator has no reputation whatsoever among Forex traders, so you have nothing but the vendor’s claims to go on. Thus, we would advise you to stay away from it.

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