Unbeatable EA trades multiple instruments with diversified risk. It updates itself on machine learning principles to always work according to the current market conditions. The robot does not use hedging and martingale strategies which are considered risky.

Product Offering

The product is available on the robot’s website and is presented neatly on a single webpage. There are multiple tabs on the website that can lead you to live results, backtesting analysis, etc. There is also a blog, but currently, no articles have been uploaded there. 

Vendor Transparency

The developer fails to provide any information on his whereabouts and his trading experience. He only presents his email id as the sole way to contact him while the skype details are hidden. 


The robot is available through two packages, i.e., a monthly subscription for $110 or through copy trading, at which the profit sharing will be 30% in favor of the developer. The monthly subscription offers one license for a demo and a live account. There is much range of brokers, including Robo forex, Hot forex, Forex time, and IC markets which you can use to start the copy trading process.  There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Unbeatable EA Price

Trading Strategy

The developer fails to provide us with information on trading strategy. This raises many concerns over the authenticity of the product. To understand how the robot performs, we head over to the verified records on Myfxbook and analyze the trading history. From there, it is evident that the expert advisor uses grid trading strategies on multiple currency pairs. It does not hold a trade for more than 24 hours which hints at using the day trading approach. 

Unbeatable EA Trading Strategy

Trading Results

The developer presents links to the backtesting results on multiple currency pairs. Unfortunately, the hyperlinks do not work, and we are left with the balance and equity curves for an unknown period. This raises many red flags as it is fairly easy to edit images using photoshop and other editing tools. On the images, the developer mentions the time frame initial deposit, net profit and the drawdown values.

Unbeatable EA Trading Results

Verified trading records are available on Myfxbook, which show performance from 25 June 2021 till the current date. During the period, the robot had an average winning rate of  78%, with a profit factor of 3.63. The best trade brought in $5.69 while the worst was -$5.24. The average winning trade was $1.30, while the loss was -$1.26. It is interesting to note that the developer only deposits $100 to test out his system. This shows that they are afraid that the expert may hit a margin call which is quite likely as the algorithm uses a risky grid strategy. Also, the robot has been live for a short duration which is not enough for us to conclude if it will be profitable in the future or not.

Unbeatable EA trading results

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews present on Forex peace Army and TrustPilot that can highlight what other traders are saying about the system. This shows that the expert advisor is relatively new, and market participants are still not trusting it fully. Traders might also be wary of the implementation of grid strategy that is super risky. It might take some time before we see some real feedback.

30-day money-back guarantee
No transparency from the developer
No customer reviews
Records are available for a short duration
Unbeatable EA fails to convince us through the short-term performances. The developer neither highlights what type of strategy the expert advisor uses nor provides their own background, which raises many concerns. This type of activity is only used by the services that are bent on scamming traders. Stay away from the expert advisor if you value your investment as of now.

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