GBPUSD. It only takes one position per pair and does not trade during the night. The algorithm comes with FAQ, optimization, and settings for proper working.

Product Offering

You can purchase the product through the MQL 5 marketplace. The website hosts many trading algorithms, indicators, and signals for the general trading community. Amaze robot is available within the webpage and can be searched in the expert advisors listed for the MT 5 platform. 

Vendor Transparency

Anton Kondratev is the robot author who has two products and three signals available in the MQL 5 marketplace. He has no trading experience in development and has 16 subscribers to his services. The developer is based in Russia and claims that he is a software developer in C++. 


The system can be purchased for a one-time price of $395. As the product is being purchased through the MQL5 marketplace, there is no money-back guarantee. The developer also offers to rent out the system for three months at $345. As there is a slight difference between renting and a lifetime license, it makes no sense to go for the rental subscription.

Amaze price

Trading Strategy

The developer states that the expert advisor exploits the opportunities presented by the global markets. The multi-currency trading system has a fixed stop loss and take profit and works with a minimum deposit of $100 with a leverage of 1:500. Anton suggests placing it on the H1 chart at IC markets or brokers with minimal spreads and low latency. The expert advisor has an inbuilt system for protection against slippages, spreads, gaps, and repeated levels. There is an option to open only buy and sell trades, implement, activate virtual stop loss, and enable news filters. 

Trading Results

Backtesting results are available for EURUSD and GBPUSD with 100% tick quality. There is no detailed statement which we can use to analyze the history; however, we do have an image that shows some statistics. On EURUSD, the robot had an average winning rate of 97.64%, which was made possible due to the implementation of the grid structure evident from the equity drop in the chart. The profit factor was 7.58. The exact figures for the balance and equity drawdown are hidden in a bid to mask the system’s poor performance. There were a total of 212 trades executed on an initial deposit of $1000. The total net profit was $24842.22.

Amaze Trading Results

There are no links to verified live results on Myfxbook. After exploring through the developer profile, we were able to find out signals under the same name as the robot. The system has been active since August 2020 and has produced 21% gains during the period. The maximum drawdown was 29.2% which means the robot loses nearly one-third of the initial value of the account while trading. There were 200 trades during the period with a winning rate of 87% and a profit factor of 1.20. The average profitable trade was $13.11, while the loss was -$73.06. There were 36 maximum consecutive wins with $270.61 and 3 losses in a row for -$436.59 for a loss.

Amaze Trading Results

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews present on Forex Peace Army and TrustPilot. On MQL 5 marketplace, several trades have bought the system and left feedback. Traders complain about the huge loss trades and tiny wins that don’t add up to the profits.

Amaze Customer Reviews

Available on MQL 5 marketplace
No customer reviews to gauge systems performance
No detailed statement for backtesting results
Uses grid trading strategy that can be detrimental
Amaze trading robot uses grid trading strategies in certain situations, which can be risky. The developer does not share the actual settings for the backtest and hides the drawdown values. This raises many concerns over authenticity over the performance of the expert advisor.

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