Vantage Point X is a foreign exchange EA robot that provides trading solutions to traders using artificial intelligence. The developers demand that the robot takes notice of changes in trades in advance and lets the traders know about it which helps them to enter positions at the ideal time and make more profits.

Offered Packages for Subscription

Vantage Point X can be installed through TeamViewer. There are three subscription offers from the developers.

  • Basic: It is the subscription of the EA’s full support with 3 months duration, available for $250.
  • Yearly: You can get the yearly subscription by paying $500 per year.
  • Lifetime: With the Lifetime subscription, you need to make a one-time payment of $1000.

vantage point x offering

Vantage Point X promises a 3-month moneyback guarantee on running the EA on an account, but we cannot confirm the reliability of this statement.

Vantage Point X Servers

VPX developers offer servers demanding high-speed connectivity, security and easy access to trading platforms. There are four plans you can choose from:

Subscription Price/Month CPU Cores Storage SSD RAM Bandwidth
Basic $15 1 Core 40 GB 1 GB 2 TB
Lite $21 1 Core 60 GB 2 GB 4 TB
Advanced $32 2 Core 80 GB 4 GB 8 TB
Pro $55 4 Core 160 GB 8 GB 16 TB

Vantage Point X General Characteristics

VPX developers promise many useful features, however, we cannot see if all of them are genuine until we use it. General features promised by them are –

  • Reliability
  • Trade frequency
  • Ease to use

Trading Strategy

The functionality of the VPX robot is based on three factors –

  • Artificial Intelligence: It uses AI to generate accurate market predictions.
  • Intermarket Analysis: It calculates the activity and influence the trading market and generates predictive leading indicators.
  • Advance Forecast: Its AI Neural Network forecasts market data and the predictive indicators give the traders a head-start on changes in trend.

Trading Results

Vantage Point X Myfxbook account was registered on August 8 in 2018.

Vantage Point X Trading Results

Take a look at this trading chart. Although we know that the chart is genuine as the track record and trading privileges are verified, yet it is not convincing at all. It is very secretive and has almost all of the data hidden. We cannot view the deposits, withdrawals, balance and profit from this chart. It demands the equity of 100% but has the amount concealed. On the contrary, the trading has gone through 76.66% of a dropdown, which practically abolishes the chances of cent percent equity. Moreover, the latest update of the chart was on August 5 while a reliable Myfxbook account updates its results every five minutes.

Now, let us take a look at the analysis of monthly gain.

Vantage Point X monthly gain chart

From January to July this year, the gain has decreased from 4.06% to 0.15%. It is not profitable for traders at all.

Reviews from Customers

Like all the other websites, Vantage Point X has a lot of positive reviews posted on its site. However, the site cannot be trusted as it can also post fake reviews. Instead, we gathered information from a more reliable source.

Steve Losie from the USA states that the product offers a limited selection of services which are not worth its cost.

Vantage Point X User Review

Michael Raybould from Canada complains that the software delays a lot and does not work on every device.

Kevin S. from the USA calls out the accuracy claim of VPX robot as a flat-out lie and states that this robot will only cause the traders to lose money constantly.

Vantage Point X User Review

Mary from the USA says that free tools are better than this robot, so it is a wastage of money.

Vantage Point X User Review

Vantage Point X
Judging from the condition of the Myfxbook account and reviews from customers, Vantage Point X seems to be a useless and dangerous EA. The website is also suspicious. The ‘About Us’ page does not work so you cannot gather much information about it. Moreover, the Myfxbook trading chart is not uploaded on the website so visitors cannot view it which is a clear sign of avoiding the dissatisfaction of the visitors. If you are looking for an EA for forex trading, we recommend you not to buy Vantage Point X.

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  1. dave

    Once I started using Vantage Point X one day, I listed my extra 100 and 50 extra bonuses. It seemed so simple that I tried scalping and stopped with only a few points of profit. It turned out that several orders were for profit and the third was loss, but the loss in the third was always greater than the profit in the previous two.

  2. Jordan

    I didn’t think it would be so easy to combine this amount after trying to trade with central accounts, and I realized that a clear trading strategy and technical indicators should be developed. The account now has a steady payout of $ 300, and monthly earnings are rarely less than one hundred. For me, this is not the main source of income, but a hobby.

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