Very Well Trader was introduced as the robot “that really works like a clockwork generating stable profits every month without making any loss.” We have huge concerns about the system that can beat the market. In this Very Well Trader review, we are going to analyze the system, its features, settings, backtest reports, trading results, and offer to decide whether it is a good choice for traders.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader presentation

Product Offering

We have grouped up all features, settings explanations, and useful info in the list:

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Product Offering

  • The expert advisor works automatically on the terminal without a need for human intervention.
  • We’re free to use the system on 4 and 5-digits brokers and terminals.
  • The vendor provides welcome support.
  • There’s a broker stealth feature that allows covering Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. It helps to prevent broker hunting.
  • The developers mentioned that there are “15 years of our trust.”
  • It works with the next currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY.
  • The system allows trading only on the scalping time frame – M5.
  • The robot has a money-management feature. It calculates Entry and Exit points automatically.
  • In addition, it calculates Lot Sizes based on the % of the risk to the account balance.
  • The system doesn’t use huge Stop Loss to prevent keeping an account in huge and consistent drawdowns. 
  • The installation process is simple and lightning-quick.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader price

There are three packages of the robot: Standart, Most Popular, and Private. The Private pack is the most expensive one and costs $299. It’s featured by four real and four demo MT4 licenses. The medium pack called Most Popular costs $249. There are two real and two demo licenses. The cheapest package costs $149. It’s featured by one real and one demo account license. We can rely on welcome support, a 30-day refund policy, and free updates with upgrades.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader. We can buy the EA safely through Click2Sell

We can buy the EA safely through Click2Sell. This paying platform supports a digital money-back guarantee.

Trading Strategy

Taking into account the time frame the robot uses, we’d like to say there’s a scalping strategy behind the system.

Trading Results

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The robot works on the real USD account that was created on November 10, 2020. The margin in use is $449.47.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The total net return is +417.1. The system shows an outstanding average monthly profit – 74.5%. The weekly return is 14.2%. The maximum drawdown is a little – 0.1%. The average win-rate is 71.6%. The Profit is much higher than 1 – 2.46. The trading frequency is insane – 30 deals daily. 

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The Risk to the Reward Ratio is 2.42. The average trading result is $4.72. An average win is +$11.11 when an average loss is -$11.35.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The robot trades AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY currency pairs. The most frequently traded is GBP/USD – 1407. As a result, it’s the most profitable as well – $5451.57. The highest Profit Factor is 2.28 on AUD/USD.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The Short direction has 1746 deals closed when the Long direction only 907.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The system works with three patterns – #12324, #16794, and #22222.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The less traded days are Friday (455) and Thursday (483 deals).

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

The expert advisor opens trades mostly during the European trading hours.

Very‌ ‌Well‌ ‌Trader Trading Results

It’s rare to see, but the Profit Factor is going higher than at the beginning. 

Customer Reviews

There are no testimonials on the site provided. There are no pages on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, and MQL5. It’s awkward as for a robot with that profitability and trading frequency.

Real account trading results
Acceptable pricing
The 30-day money-back guarantee provided
No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No money-management advice provided
No backtest reports shared
High-frequency trading
No people feedback provided
Very Well Trader is a scalping robot that trades quite frequently, making significant monthly profits. The presentation lacks much useful information about the team, strategy, settings, indicators, money-management advice, backtest reports, and so on. Trading results showed that it’s an all-new robot that has been performing for just several months. The pricing is acceptable and supported by a refund policy. Alas, there are no testimonials on the web.

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