Today’s review will be about the Waw Forex Signals service. From the main page of the presentation, we know that it’s a 100% hands-free system, and signals are accurate and profitable.

Waw Forex Signals presentation

Product Offering

Let’s take a look at the list of features:

Waw Forex Signals features

  • The vendor can host our terminal on their hosting. So, we don’t need VPS.
  • We can copy trades from a master account to our terminal.
  • The developers insist that the signals are created manually by analysts.
  • We can get from 400 to 1500 pips monthly.
  • The signal frequency is around 3-8 signals a week.
  • The vendor said that there was an experienced team behind the service. We couldn’t find any proof of this.
  • The signals are both: Long and Short-term.

Waw Forex Signals features

  • The signals are created based on technical and fundamental indicators.
  • Win-rate should be up to 76%.
  • The company provides 24/7 support.

Waw Forex trade copier

From this schema, we know that we can customize risk and Lot Sizes before running a deal on our account. The system supports many platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM, and LMAX. The system doesn’t have any broker restrictions.

Waw Forex Signals price

The offer includes three packages: a one-month, three-month, and half a year subscription. The one-month subscription costs $55 with (was $69). The three-month subscription costs $144 (was $179). The six-month subscription costs $234 (was $289). All packs are featured by signals, copy-trading software, VPS, and 24/7 welcome support. The first pack allows copy-trading only on one account. Three-month and half-a-year packs let us trade on two accounts.

Trading Strategy

We don’t know anything about the strategies behind the system. It’s a bad sign because we wouldn’t like to trust our real account blindly for a Grid plus Martingale madness. Copy-trading doesn’t carry much on the MT4 functionality. Anyway, it would be nice of them to provide more extended explanations of settings and functionality.

Trading Results

There are no backtests. It means that developers resend someone’s signals or use a third-party EA or several EAs to generate signals. We couldn’t find trading results on the sire and myfxbook. It seems to us they don’t exist. The vendor is a scam because it doesn’t provide trading results, traded results, or free signals to check.

Customer Reviews

Waw Forex Signals Customer Reviews

The presentation includes only positive feedback. It looks like they are all fake because they’re faceless. Usually, people provide comments with the number of pips they gained or a number of monthly gains. It seems to us. These comments were launched with the presentation.

No pros
No team revealed
No strategy explanations provided
No info about expected drawdowns provided
No backtests shared
No account balance and Lot Size advice given
No previous trading experienced provided
No verified trading results provided
No gained pips proved
No money-management advice provided
No risk advice given
No real feedback provided
No accounts on Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army created
Waw Forex Signals is a signal provider with a remote presentation. The developers tried carefully to hide all important information to make a wise decision if this service fits expectations or not. Most likely, the answer is not. We couldn’t find anything that’s crucial for us like: strategies, risk, money-management, backtests, trading results, profit factor, symbols, and so on. The vendor couldn’t convince us to pay for it. The experienced team, as they named themself, has to have trading results, many myfxbook-verified accounts. Having a huge community in Discord or Telegram will be a huge plus. These channels are usually used to deliver free signals, as well as marketing promo to people who can be subscribers.

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