A modern trading strategy development environment, MetaEditor is integrated with the MetaTrader platform. It is possible to create algorithmic trading programs with the help of MetaEditor. These programs allow algorithmic trading on MQL4 & MQL5 languages. 

MetaEditor can be used in developing trading robots, scripts, technical indicators, graphical control panels and more. By allowing the creation of programs, MetaEditor not only offers an opportunity to automate trading operations and develop robots that carry out trading, but programmers are also given a scope of earning money, for developing software for other traders. The entire infrastructure for this is provided by the trading platform.

Things you can do with MetaEditor

MetaEditor is the largest store of applications when it comes to trading platforms, featuring over ten thousand robots & indicators. You can sell the applications produced in the market and access a large audience because of the trading platform and the popular MQL5.community website. The service provides the whole infrastructure including the delivery of programs, processing of payments, and protection to both buyers and sellers.

Another thing you can do is contributing to the development of algorithmic trading by publishing your works. These programs will then be available for direct download from the source code library of the trading platform. This library also offers many useful learning materials to new programmers, including scripts, technical indicators, and complex trading robots.

You can also use the freelance service and execute orders for creating various trading applications. A transparent and protected operation system is featured in the service. Orders are performed in a step by step process. First, there is a discussion of preliminary specifications, followed by completion of the final work and sending it. During the order development stage, the order cost agreed by both parties is usually frozen in the customer’s account. Thus, it guarantees the payment for work.

Features of MetaEditor in MetaTrader 4

  • Easy editing of the MQL4/MQL5 source code
  • Improved tools for smart code management including syntax highlighting, going to definitions, auto substitution and more
  • Automatic project generation using the MQL4/MQL5 Wizard template
  • Easy debugging tools
  • Built-in compilation tools
  • Collaborative remote development of different applications through projects
  • Integrated MQL5 storage for storing source codes
  • Access to articles, MQL5.community and Code Base
  • Built-in code profiler
  • Integrated MQL4 and MQL5 help

Among the features, you can learn the algorithmic trading with all necessary instruments provided by MetaEditor –

MQL Wizard: It is easy to generate projects quickly by using templates with the help of MetaEditor. Moreover, as you use the MQL wizard, you can create ready-made trading robots. Routine operations during the creation of new projects are eliminated by the MQL Wizard. With this wizard, you will not have to manually specify the general properties of the applications in the code or describe the event handlers. Instead, they can be set quickly by using the MQL Wizard. Everything you need will be automatically written by it in the secure code and the file saved in the correct directory according to the type of the program. 

Code profiling: The speed of work is very important in algorithmic trading. By using MetaEditor, you can use its profiling function that allows checking the source code performance of the programs. Detecting and optimizing the slowest functions also become easier. A price chart or a strategy tester runs the program. Then, the execution time, as well as the number of calls of the functions in the source code is reported by MetaEditor. The program execution speed can not only be seen by functions but also separate strings.

Convenient code editing: Convenient features to write an MQL4/MQL5 application source code is provided by MetaEditor. It highlights all language elements and customizes colors. While writing the code, suitable options for functions, as well as constant and variable names are automatically offered by the editor. Thus, the code writing is greatly facilitated and sped up. With the help of the editor, you can promptly see the function signature, a quick insertion of resources, supports snippets, easy code navigation, and bookmarks. 

MQL5 storage and shared projects: Online source code storage MQL5 storage is featured by MetaEditor. With the storage, you can access your codes from any computer by using an MQL5.community account. Once the files are saved here, they will not be lost even if the hard disc fails. Moreover, you can collaborate with any user on the project development. All you need to do is creating a shared project and distributing the rights to all team members. Their computers will receive it immediately and they can get to work fast. 

Debugging programs: Before launching a program, you can check all the program algorithms through MetaEditor. While the debugging takes place, it is possible to move through the consecutive steps of all program function executions. By doing this, you can see the results of the calculation of the expressions, as well as the call stack. Launching the debugging can take place in the strategy tester and on a price chart. Thus, you will not have to wait for specific market conditions for checking a trading algorithm. 

If you want to create a simple Forex EA, then MetaEditor may be the best answer. 

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