Zero to Hero FX Signals promises accurate and reliable FX alerts that will ensure you get successful results. The vendor claims to provide a comprehensive experience to users and outstanding performance. According to Bert, the head FX trader of the service, the team of experienced traders of the company focuses on providing the best returns. For support, an email address is provided. We could not find other methods like live chat, FAQ, location address, phone number, etc. We find the support is inadequate as users in need of info about the system will have to wait for the email reply.

Product offering

Features of Zero to Hero FX Signals.

According to the vendor, this service has an edge over its competitors with the following features:

  • The service provides 4-10 trades a day
  • A monthly target of 300 pips is assured
  • The head trader of this company has 10 years of experience

There is not much info present on the vendor other than the mention of the head trader, Bert, and his experience. We could not find the info such as the year of establishment, the location, phone number, etc. The lack of info makes us suspicious of the reliability of this FX tool.

Zero to Hero FX signals

Type Signal provider
Price $95/month up to $395/12 month
Strategy Fundamental and technical analysis
Compatible Platforms N/A
Currency Pairs N/A
Timeframe N/A
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A

Pricing of Zero to Hero FX Signals.

To use the alerts of this service, you have to pay a subscription fee. There are different packages based on the duration of the subscription. The basic membership costs $95 per month. A 3-month package costs $195/3 month, while the 6-month and 12-month subscriptions cost $295 and $395 respectively. 

The vendor does not reveal info on the features available and there is no money-back guarantee present. We look for a refund policy while analyzing a system as the presence indicates the vendor is confident of the performance of the FX tool. Without a guarantee, we suspect the reliability is not good.

Trading strategy

As per the vendor, the company focuses on providing high returns to users with its fundamental and technical evaluation of the major currency pairs. You will be providing market info efficiently so you can take the necessary action and benefit from the trades. Info provided by the company includes entry price, SL, and TP. The alerts are sent via SMS, email, and the Telegram app. There is no other data related to the service like the currency pairs, recommended deposit, leverage, timeframe, and more. The lack of info raises suspicion on the dependability of the product.

Trading results

Backtesting result of Zero to Hero FX Signals.

For backtesting results, the vendor shows images of a four-year test that proves the trend-match approach has provided consistent results. From the above image, we can see the profits are steady and show decent growth. However, the vendor fails to provide a detailed report of the test like the initial deposit used, the currency pair, leverage, spreads, commission, etc. The lack of info makes us suspect the reliability of the company. An FXBlue verified demo USD account is present for this service. Here is a screenshot of the trading results:

Demo account results of Zero to Hero FX Signals.

From the above stats, it is clear that the account has made a total profit of 93% with a monthly return of 9.7% and a weekly profit of 2.2%. The peak drawdown is 29.3% and profitability is 56.3%. A profit factor of 1.24 is present which is not very high indicating low profits. Further, the risk to reward ratio is 1.50 which denotes the risk is higher. The balance graph shows an erratic growth of the account indicating an inefficient approach.

Customer reviews

We found 27 reviews for this company on the Forexpeacearmy site with a rating of 4.401/5. Here are a few of the user responses:

Positive user review of Zero to Hero FX Signals.

Negative user review of Zero to Hero FX Signals.

From the above feedback, we can see that while one user commends the service, another user complains of the trades resulting in a loss and the ineffectiveness of the signals.

A monthly target of 300 pips
Verified trading results
The strategy used is not divulged
Only demo account results are present
Pricing is expensive
Zero to Hero FX Signals claims to be a five-star rated system that is recommended by its members. The verified results are a big advantage for the company. However, the lack of info on the service, the absence of backtests and strategy info, expensive pricing, and the absence of a money-back guarantee are downsides that you should mull over.

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