The vendor describes WeTalkTrade as a platform where everyone, regardless of trading experience, can learn about Forex trading. The team also provides signals that can help you to predict market movement. In addition, the signals will allow you to set copy trading on your MT4/MT5 terminal and walk away. They will then be executed instantly on your account.

Product offering

The vendor describes the features of the service as follows:

  • Works on all assets, including metals, currencies, cryptos, and indices.
  • You get signals with precise TP & SL on all asset classes.
  • On average, the signals are accurate 80% of the time. 
  • The UI is elegant and easy to use.
  • You can select automatic or manual copy trading on individual instruments and set the lot size you prefer to trade with. 
  • Provides push notification alerts. 
  • Free Signals App is available for Web, Android & Desktops users.

The WeTalkTrade Company was founded in 2009. It did not begin providing trading products and services immediately. Rather, it started off by researching with strategies. The provision of free signals specifically began in 2012, but the premium service (chargeable) was launched in 2013. Even then, we are not introduced to the team behind the service. We don’t know their names, expertise level, trading experience, qualifications, professional backgrounds, etc. 

You can get this service free of charge. However, you will not enjoy the copy trading service. Moreover, expect to attain an average success rate and limited support. If you choose to pay $79.99 monthly, then you will receive instant notification alerts, hassle-free copy trading, a high success rate, and 24/7 live support. 

WeTalkTrade’s pricing details. 

Trading strategy

The devs do not state the type of strategy they use to pick out trading signals. We would like to be sure that they do not select signals randomly or through guesswork. A detailed strategy explanation will hence go a long way to clear any doubt regarding the reliability of the service. 

Trading results

We have noted that this vendor doesn’t usually display any historical performance data when presenting its products or services to the public. So, we are not surprised that the backtest results for this service are missing. The lack of this data may cause traders to second-guess the efficiency of the signals.

The devs purport that their signals have a high accuracy rate, but they don’t showcase any live trading data to prove their claim. It will be difficult for seasoned traders who know what they are looking for when searching for Forex signals to buy to just rely on their word. 

Customer reviews

There are no customer reviews for this signal service. However, we found reviews for the parent company on FPA. It has a 3.195 rating from 36 reviews. As you can see below, the FPA moderation team warns us about WeTalkTrade’s unethical behavior. Apparently, an account using a similar IP as the company’s representative spammed multiple products. This puts this vendor’s credibility into question. 

FPA’s warning.

A free package is present
Works on all trading assets
Unethical behavior by the vendor
Lack of live trading results
The strategy is not revealed
You can use the signals provided by WeTalkTrade on any trading instrument. Also, if you have any reservations regarding the service, you can subscribe to the free pack first. Be that as it may, you should be wary of this vendor as they have behaved unethically in the past. The lack of live results puts you at a disadvantage as you can’t predict the kind of outcomes the service will produce.

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