Advanced Scalper Characteristics

Advanced Scalper is a trading advisor that was published almost three years ago on MQL5 by Profalgo Limited. The current version of it is 1.55 that was released on March 11, 2021. The system was demo downloaded 3634 times. 

Product Offering

Let’s talk about the presentation where we can find settings, details, and explanations provided:

Advanced Scalper Product Offering

  • The robot has over three years of trading results. 
  • The current price includes a 60% discount. 
  • We can buy a copy of the product and get another one for free. 
  • There are advanced exit algorithms.
  • We can use built-in spread-filter and slippage-control features.
  • The robot is a fully-customizable trading solution.
  • The developers provide recommended settings.

Advanced Scalper - setup

  • The recommended brokers are IC Markets and Alpari. We trade through IC Markets and we have no trust in Alpari.
  • The same we have with a VPS hosting on 4xhosting.
  • The system can work with any low-spread pair.
  • There is a combination of Entry and Exit strategies.
  • The money-management system uses Stop Loss for each open trade.
  • The spread filter allows avoiding trading during bad market conditions
  • The robot was tested on the “strict” 99% quality backtests.
  • The minimum deposit should be $150 or higher.
  • We have to use it on low-commision and low spread brokers.

Advanced Scalper - parameter

  • We can see the settings list.

Advanced Scalper price

The robot costs $390 for a copy. There are four rental options available. The one-month rent costs $149, three-months – $179, half-a-year – $199, and annual – $249. We can download a robot for a demo purpose for free. There’s no money-back guarantee provided.

Advanced Scalper price

There’s an extra offer in the comment. We can get a pack of four robots: Advanced Scalper, Red Hawk, Grid King, and Gecko EA. It costs $750.

Trading Strategy

  • The main strategy is Scalping.
  • The best for default trading are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD.
  • It can be used on the H1 and H4 time frames.

Trading Results

Advanced Scalper backtest

We’ve got a backtest of EUR/USD on the H1 time frame. The modeling quality was 95.00%. The data was used from the period of 2014-2018 years. The Lots was fixed – 0.01. The total net profit has become $292.63. The maximum drawdown was 0.10%. The Profit Factor was 3.23 when the recovery factor was 25.87. There were 808 deals traded. The win-rate was 96.20% for Shorts and 94.83% for Longs. An average win streak was 22 deals.

Advanced Scalper Myfxbook

The system works on the real EUR account on INFINOX Capital automatically. The leverage is 1:300. The platform is MetaTrader 4. There is a track record and trading privileges verified badges. The account was created on January 14, 2016, deposited at 16,978 EUR, and withdrawn at 30,000 EUR. Since then, the absolute gain has become +1398.76%. An average monthly gain is 4.32%. The maximum drawdown is 9.37%. The account is tracked by 128 traders.

Advanced Scalper advanced statistics

The robot has closed 6033 deals with 8509.7 pips. An average win is 4.52 pips when an average loss is -7.77 pips. There were 9,130 Lots traded. The Longs positions win rate is 75% when the Shorts positions win rate is 73%. An average trade length is 40 minutes. The Profit Factor is 1.34.

Advanced Scalper trading results

Advanced Scalper focuses on trading a EUR/USD currency pair – 4276 deals and $36806,28.

Advanced Scalper trading results

The most traded hours are during the European trading session.

Advanced Scalper trading results

The most frequently traded days are Wednesday (1538 deals) and Thursday (1547 deals).

Advanced Scalper trading results

The robot works with low risks to the account balance. For losing 10% of the account the system has to lose 33 deals in a row.

Advanced Scalper trading results

The last trading results showed that the system started losing so much.

Advanced Scalper monthly gain

April 2021 trading results showed that something is going wrong and the robot has to be updated.

Customer Reviews

Advanced Scalper Customer Reviews

As we can see, the last comment matched the trading results we saw. The system is not profitable.

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Backtest reports provided
Real account trading results provided
Rental options available
No team revealed
No risk advice given
The last trading results are horrible
High pricing
No money-back guarantee provided
Lack of people’s comments on the presentation
Advanced Scalper is an advisor that scalps little profits on EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD. The robot traded well until April 2021. The last trading activity showed that it has to be updated before it can keep running live. Let’s check if the developers fix it.

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