Cairo Characteristics Cairo 2021 is a new trading advisor by Ruben Octavio. It was released on January 19, 2021. The current version is 1.43 that was published on February 15, 2021. The number of the robot’s version means that it was upgraded many times. The system was demo-downloaded 1985 times.

Product Offering

Cairo 2021 costs $399 for a product copy.

Cairo 2021 costs $399 for a product copy. The one-month rental option costs $249. There’s a free demo option available. We can download a demo copy to check everything on the terminal on our own. As usual, the pack does have a money-back guarantee. For this price, there were 2 from 10 copies sold. The next price will be $499.

Let’s figure out how many features the system has:

  • The robot works automatically on the terminal for us.
  • It was well-tested on the past data having 99% of the accuracy rate.
  • The system opens several trades a week and closes them on the same day.
  • It doesn’t use Martingale to recover after losses, Grid, Averaging.
  • The suggested broker is VantageFX. We’re not sure it’s the best option.
  • There’s an MT4 version of the system provided as well.
  • The developer runs his own Telegram group.
  • The system sets fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss levels for each open deal.
  • The best option for Lot Sizing is to keep a default value.
  • There’s always one trade at a time.
  • We can change the next parameters:
    • Dynamic Lot.
    • Stop Loss.
    • Take Profit.
    • Max Spread.
    • Max Lot.
    • Magic Number, and
    • CCI.
  • The backtests were performed on the 100% history quality data.
  • The period was chosen from 2016 to the end of 2020.
  • That’s all the developer wanted to say about the system.

Trading Strategy

  • The robot works with no one knows strategy.
  • It’s designed for trading EUR/USD.
  • We have to attach it to one time frame. The developer didn’t mention which one.

Trading Results

Cairo Backtests

Cairo Backtests

There were 31368 bars in the test. An initial deposit was $500. The total net profit has become $111,029. The maximum drawdown was 0.56% ($548.60). The Profit Factor was 203.31 when the recovery factor was 11.33. The robot has closed 1080 deals. The win-rate for shorts was 100% when the win-rate for longs was 99.67%. An average consecutive wins streak was 270 deals.

Cairo trading results

We have an account that was deposited at only $100. So, if something goes wrong, there’s not much money to lose. The signal price is insanely high – $199 per month. The account is live only for seven weeks. The maximum drawdown was 16.4%. The growth amounted to 57.79%.

Cairo trading results

The trading activities occurred only in 17 days (38.64%). An average trade frequency is three trades a week. An average trade length is three hours. 

Cairo trading results

As we can see, the system was used with insanely-high risks in March 2021.

Cairo drawdown

With low risks, the robot works with low drawdowns.

Cairo trading results

The robot has closed 20 deals, all of them were closed with profits. The Short direction (17 deals) overtook the Long one (3 deals). The Profit Factor was 19.17. The gross profit is $60.97 (1204 pips). The maximum deposit load is high – 81.42%. The monthly growth is 39.81%.

Cairo trading results

The robot works with only EUR/USD, as was mentioned. 

Cairo. The system received warning about high-risk trading and low trading activity.

The system received warning about high-risk trading and low trading activity.

Customer Reviews

Cairo. The developer is from Switzerland. He has a 3442 rate.

The developer is from Switzerland. He has a 3442 rate. The portfolio includes eight products and two signals. There were 452 friends added.

Cairo customer reviews

Most of the comments are positive. The last comment noticed that the system trades with low frequency.

Cairo customer reviews

The developer is quick to answer clients’ questions.

Backtest report provided
Real-account trading results provided
The system is so young
No strategy explanations provided
No money-management advice given
A single symbol of working with
High pricing for a copy, rental options, and signals
No money-back-guarantee provided
Cairo is a young trading advisor that works with EUR/USD only. The system makes some flawless low-frequently-traded profits. We have no idea if the system is stable in the mid-range terms. The price is quite high, and there’s no money-back guarantee.

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