Divo EA is a multi-currency, flexible, multifaceted trading tool that identifies vulnerabilities in the market. It also works during the quiet periods of the market and never applies grid or martingale strategies during trading. As per the vendor, Divo provides users with full access to the parameters to optimize their settings. 

Product offering 

Here are the main features of the system:

  • It supports several currency pairs, including GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP, AUDCAD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, and USDCAD.
  • The system has an advanced virtualization mode that allows you to hide your SL and TP from your broker.
  • Pending Limit Orders are used to increase the chance of profitable slippages.
  • Each trade has a protective fixed stop loss attached to it.
  • It optimizes default settings for GBPUSD M15.
  • The robot protects all trades from big news, slippage, and large spreads.
  • It places Pending Orders on the broker’s server, which serves to decrease the Delay.
  • It includes a built-in mode for self-diagnosis and broker adaptation.
  • The recommended minimum deposit is $100, while the leverage is 1:100 and more.
  • It must work on the VPS round the clock.
  • RAW/ECN brokers are recommended.
  • The system requires a hedging account.

You can purchase this robot for $545 on MQL5, but the package doesn’t include a refund policy. A rental option is not available either. The price of the robot will increase to $995 once the remaining cheaper copy is out of stock. 

The EA’s price. 

Anton Kondratev is the individual behind this invention. According to the profile on mql5, Anton lives in Russia and is versed in different programming languages, including C++, MQL, C#, SQL, JAX, and more. He has created one other EA known as Amaze. There’s no info about this developer’s trading experience.  

Trading strategy 

The developer provides a generalized description of the methods the EA uses to trade in the market. For instance, we are told that it engages in night scalping and nothing more. Additionally, the system applies a three-phase hybrid process to track lucrative positions, along with a news filter and a large spread filter. No detailed explanation is given here either.

Trading results

Backtest data. 

During this 7-year simulation period, the system traded on the EURUSD pair and completed 2207 trades using a $3000 capital. Consequently, a total net profit of $1953765.44 was made. From the profit factor of 9.56, we see that the EA was very profitable. Even better, it traded with low risks to the balance as it generated a low drawdown of 14.16%. The average profit trade was $1108.73, whereas the average loss trade was -$954.89. 

Live trading results are available on mql5, but they are unverified. Nonetheless, let’s have a look at them here: 

Live trading statistics on MQL5. 

This account was opened on May 20, 2022, and deposited at $516.46. To date, a total of 168 trades have been implemented, generating a profit of $53.73 as a result. So, the balance currently stands at $570.19. There’s a maximum drawdown of 14.5%, which portrays the robot as a safe trader so far.  

Performance of trades. 

From a profitability rate of 67.85%, it is apparent that the bot is an average performer. Also, the profit factor (1.20) tells us that it doesn’t generate significant returns on investment. Twenty-one trades are conducted weekly, and the average holding time for each order is 3 hours. The average profit is $2.81, while the average loss is -$4.94. 

Performance of trading symbols.

The XAUUSD symbol has brought in the largest profit amount ($56), while the USDJPY has contributed to a loss of -$38. 

Customer reviews

There are 10 customer reviews for this system on MQL5. Nine of the reviews are positive, while one is negative. Some of the happy traders indicate that the EA is profitable and commend the vendor for providing them with good recommendations and constantly updating the product to adapt to the current market. The only disgruntled trader is disappointed that the robot doesn’t work in real life.

Positive customer reviews on MQL5.

Negative user feedback on MQL5. 

Fully automated
Positive reviews from clients
Short trading history
Lack of a money-back guarantee
Live results are not verified
This EA looks for trading opportunities at night, and according to some of the customers, it can generate profits as a result. Even then, the system is overpriced, and by failing to display verified trading data, the developer makes it hard for the trading community to gauge its real profitability rate.

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