We have a several lines presentation about a DSC Price Action robot that was published a year ago on June 11, 2020. The last version is 1.7 that was released on June 8, 2021. It was activated five times and downloaded for backtesting 484 times. 

Product Offering

Let’s talk about what we’ve got on the plate. There is a lack of intel that would help us to understand the system:

  • The system can make profits absolutely automatically. 
  • We are informed that there are only ten copies left for $499. The next price will be insane – $999. 
  • The robot trades on the EURUSD currency pair. 
  • The time frame is M5. 
  • The system requires allowing trading a hedge strategy to support Price Action. 
  • Many Hedge accounts, especially with Martingale, were burnt. 
  • The system trades with a high win rate. 
  • It requires trading with high leverage. 
  • We have to type “diogo.cansi” in the settings in order for the system to work correctly. It’s kind of nonsense.
  • The developer pushes his referral links to make extra money from us. 
  • The promoted broker houses are XM and IC Markets. 
  • “To release the correct features of the Expert, open an affiliate account and contact us by email.” It’s unclear what they mean. 
  • We can get support via email or WhatsApp. 

The robot costs $499 for a single real account license. This price is quite high. There’s a rental option for $99. We can download a demo copy of the system for free. It allows us to execute backtests and check settings. 

Trading Strategy

  • The robot executes the Price Action strategy. 
  • The support strategy is Hedge. 
  • It’s such a risky idea to trade Hedge on Price Action, trading against yourself. 

Trading Results

DSC Price Action backtest

We have got a EURUSD backtest on the M5 time frame. An initial deposit was $250. The leverage was 1:400. The history quality was 99.90%. The total net profit was $112,442. The profit factor was 6.89. There were 189 deals traded with 100% of the win rate in both directions. 

DSC Price Action Trading Results

We have a $500 real account on Alpari. The leverage is 1:500. The platform is MT5. The maximum drawdown is 36.5%. The maximum deposit load is 23.3%. The trading activities are low – 7.9%. The win rate is 97.1%. The signals have medium reliability and cost $30 monthly. The account is alive for 44 weeks. 

There were 130 trading days (42.48%). An average trade length is three hours. There’s a single person subscribed. An average trade frequency is three deals weekly. 

DSC Price Action Trading Results

The system uses x5 Martingale with medium success. We don’t know how the system calculates when it’s time to increase lot sizes. It’d be great if the developer explained this. 

DSC Price Action Trading Results

The robot has traded 172 deals. The best trade is $14.93 when the worst trade is -$64.42. The maximum win streak is 91 deals. The recovery factor is 12.46. The profit factor is 5.37. An average profit is $6.00 when an average loss is -$37.31. 

DSC Price Action distribution

The system prefers trading the BUY direction. 

DSC Price Action drawdown

Periods of big drawdowns were kept in the past. 

DSC Price Action - warnings

The robot has received many warnings that were removed. 

Customer Reviews

DSC Price Action Customer Reviews

There are mostly positive comments published. We don’t know if they are connected to reality.

The robot makes profits on the real account
High win rate
Signals cost affordable money
The account is live for 44 weeks
No settings explanations provided
Martingale is on the board
High pricing
No money-back-guarantee provided
Just a single rental option provided
DSC Price Action is a robot that works with EURUSD only executing a Price Action strategy. The presentation doesn’t answer all our questions. The trading results show that the system works with a high-profit factor. The presentation doesn’t include many testimonials about how successfully the system works on the people’s accounts.

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