Zenith is a robot that is based on manual learning. The developer uses the example of honey bees to explain the trading strategy of the expert advisor. The algorithm is hard to use for beginners and amateurs as it requires constant optimizations.

Product Offering

The product is available at the MQL5 marketplace under the category of expert advisors. The developer explains certain parameters of the expert advisor and their proper usage under a few lines. It has 7 activations in total. It has been downloaded 432 times for demo testing. 

Vendor Transparency

The author of the product is Olena Skrynnik, who has produced multiple algorithms on the MQL marketplace. She mentions herself to be located in the United States and has a professional photograph possibly copied from google images. She has one year of experience and has 27 subscribers in total. You can add her as a friend or send a message for any inquiries. The overall rating for the developer is poor at 1.8 for 62 reviews. 


You can purchase the system for a one-time price of $199. As you are buying it from the MQL marketplace, there is no money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, the developer does not offer any discounts as of now. It is possible to download the algorithm and backtest it on the strategy tester.

Zenith Price

Trading Strategy

The robot works on EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY. It has a grid strategy according to the developer and does not utilize scalping. You can modify the lots, percentage, take profit, stop loss, trailing stop, buy and sell accuracy through the input parameters. The programmer states that the algorithm uses the artificial bee colony strategy that simulates the behavior of honey bees. According to him, each portion of the expert advisor carries out a specific task, i.e., checking the pattern, reading the graphs, and training the network according to the input, and breaking down and classifying a price action.

The robot starts working from 12 PM on Monday, and Olena fails to mention the time zone here. The EA works with any account type and on the hourly time frame. It is based on a neural network meaning that it learns from markets as it trades. So it is recommended to place it on the chart for a specific duration and wait for proper functioning.

Trading Results

The developer does not show a detailed statement of the backtesting results. There is only an image on the website that depicts the performance of an unknown pair. The picture has been edited as it states 100% real ticks, which is not shown with the normal report. According to backtests, the EA had a win rate of 10.97% with a profit factor of 5.24. The equity’s maximal drawdown was at 9.76%.

There are no live results that the developer provides to prove the performance of the system. Lack of transparency raises some concerns over authenticity. She provides links to two signals which are both on the demo account. 

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews on noted review forums such as Forex Peace Army and TrustPilot that can guide us on the system’s profitability. The reviews on the MQL5 platform state that users have many problems with the proper functioning and profitability of the system. A few good reviews look as if they have been bought and personally written by the developer.

Zenith customer reviews


Zenith robot fails to provide us with any conclusive evidence of profitability. It does not have any real, verified results or customer reviews that can help us prove that the system is working. Furthermore, the developer fails to convince us about the algorithm with the statements on the website. As of now, you should stay away from the robot.

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