Newbie and experienced traders are the main focus of the Dynamic EA from Celestial Trading Tools. This MT4 tool automatically copies trades without any human involvement. All decisions on the best entries and exits are made by the FX robot with the help of market trend identification. With a promise of consistent returns on investment, this EA provides proof of achieving more than 220% returns since September 2019.

Product Offering

Dynamic EA Product Offering

Our initial overview of the Dynamic EA website shows a well-designed layout. There are specific sections on the site for the description of the robot, its features, recommendations, pricing, contact, and more. 

Dynamic EA features

Celestial Trading tools is a company that offers two different EAs namely Dynamic and Sirius FX robots. CTT platform allows you to copy trades of the EAs and reap profits. The company partners with reputed broker platforms to ensure safe, quick, and reliable trading solutions.

Support for this EA is provided in the form of an email address for general info, customer service, billing, and accounts. While there is no physical address provided, the website has a telephone contact for support. 

Dynamic EA

Type Fully-automated EA
Price £ 15 pcm/monthly
Strategy Trend 
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs 5 currency pairs
Timeframe Any
Recommended Min. Deposit £ 1200
Recommended Deposit £ 5000
Leverage from 1:500

The cost of this FX EA is £ 15 pcm which is a monthly subscription charge. We could not find a refund offer, which is disappointing. A money-back assurance is a proof that the software is reliable. The lack of guarantee raises a red flag.

Trading Strategy

As per the vendor info, this EA works based on market analysis. It capitalizes on breakouts and trades the continuation. Important features include automatic trading, inbuilt money and risk management, the ability to trade more than one currency pair simultaneously, and optimized default settings. Users will find the installation simple and quick without any need for customization. 

Five main currency pairs can be traded on with this EA using a minimum deposit of £1200 using a lot size of 0.01 per £ 1000. The standard account type is recommended for this FX robot. There are a few things that the vendor fails to mention such as the timeframe used, the exact strategy applied to the account, and the default settings

Trading Results

A real live GBP account of this FX EA verified by the myfxbook site is shown here. The real account uses IC Markets and the leverage of 1:500. 

Dynamic EA Trading Results

Dynamic EA Trading Results

From the trading stats, we could see that the total profit is 62.04% and the absolute gain value is 42.61%. A daily gain of 0.18% and a monthly profit of 5.58% are revealed from the stats. The drawdown value for this account is 9.28%. While this is a verified account, we are disappointed to see many of the stats being hidden by the vendor like the balance, equity, profit, interest, deposits, and more. A total of 954 trades have been completed in the period from August 25, 2020, up to May 13, 2021. The profit factor value is 2.01. With most of the values hidden we are unable to arrive at a proper conclusion regarding the performance of the account.

Customer Reviews

We found reviews from users of this EA on the Trustpilot site. Most of them are negative reviews. 138 reviews have been recorded on the site with a rating of 2.2/5. Here are some of the reviews.

Dynamic EA Customer Reviews

Dynamic EA Customer Reviews

From the reviews, we can see that users are not happy with the performance of the EA as more than one user indicates a big drawdown and significant losses. One user mentions the customer service is very poor.

Fully automated system
Verified trading results
The strategy used is not disclosed
Most of the trading history details are hidden
Negative user reviews
No refund offers
Our analysis of the Dynamic EA reveals a trading software with several faults. While the website looks well-designed with all the appropriate sections that a user would look for in an EA, the robot fails to provide results. The vendor claims that the MT4 tool can give more than 48.38% return on investment. But the verified results do not prove the claim. For one most of the details are hidden so we are unable to know about the performance and the approach used. We assume that the hidden data implies the vendor does not want to reveal the poor performance. The lack of explanation of the trading approach and not providing backtests are other downsides that make us suspect the reliability of this FX EA. Another factor that is a clear indication of the unreliability of this EA is the negative feedback. Most of the reviews reveal poor performance and bad customer service which confirms our suspicions that this is not a reliable Forex Robot.

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