We’d like you to read a review about Dynamic Pro Scalper that was designed by Automated Forex Tools. The EA is introduced in a 5.0 version. It works during an Asian trading session and can be run on the MT4 terminal. Dynamic Pro Scalper supports nine currency pairs: USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/CAD, EUR/CAD, and EUR/CHF.

Product Offering

The EA sells in one package. The offer includes one real and two demo accounts, 24/7 support, free updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. The devs ask for this $71 with $18 OFF. In addition, we can try the EA for free using it on a demo account.

Trading Strategy

Dynamic Pro Scalper Trading Strategy

The EA performs not only a scalping strategy on these pairs: USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/CAD, EUR/CAD, and EUR/CHF but also has “Additional Trades System.” This system is based on a risky grid strategy that’s not always ok for scalping. It opens additional trades in the direction of the first trade (if it’s negative). It sounds like nonsense. What’s the reason to open additional trades in the direction that’s already been going to close with a loss? By default, it turns off. The devs provide settings for them. If we want to change something, we can use our settings.

Dynamic Pro Scalper got more broker independence because it was such a problem to find one that provides low spreads during the Asian session.

The additional system has three features:

  • A simple Grid strategy
  • A strategy that unites Grid with Martingale (It’s like “say buy-buy to our account!”).
  • A recovery system (that usually increase Lot Size after losing). 

All of them are dangerous and should never be used on cheap robots. Never!

Dynamic Pro Scalper Trading Strategy

The Simple Grid can be turned on by setting “Additional_Trades=true.” Add_Trades_Distance allows us to set the distance between trades. Add_Trades_Lots_Multiplier allows us to increase Lot Size for grid-opened trades.

Dynamic Pro Scalper Trading Strategy

If you want to zero your account quicker, there’s a cocktail of Grid and Martingale. The key differences are that “Add_Trades_Lots_Multiplier” adds some value between Lot Sizes when a new Grid trade is opened and “Add_Trades_Martingale” that if it’s turned on, so the system adds multiplayer to all grid trades.

Dynamic Pro Scalper Trading Strategy

The last one is the recovery system that allows us to open a new trade with encreased Lot Size. There’s an Add_Trades_Signal_Period parameter for choosing the time frame.  The devs provide information about the reasonable trading risks that shouldn’t be higher than 1-2% to the account balance.

Across the general settings and features, we’d like to mention the next ones:

  • The EA can be run on any OC.
  • It has an email and mobile push notification feature.
  • It’s a fully-automated EA.
  • It can be run on any broker.
  • There’s a protection from high slippages and high spreads.
  • Broker protection allows us to keep hiding SL and TP from a broker sign.
  • The EA has very low drawdowns.

Trading Results

Dynamic Pro Scalper myfxbook

So, let’s talk about how it is cool in reality. According to the chart, it’s been sucking for half a year, not less. It’s a demo USD account on IC Markets with high leverage (1:500). The devs didn’t provide all intel, so Track Record Not Verified. For ten months, the gain amounted to +27.66%. They’re shame results as for a scalper. The average monthly gain is +2.72%. The maximum drawdown was 7.37%. The initial deposit was set to $3000.

Dynamic Pro Scalper trading results

The last day, week, and month results are disgusting.

Dynamic Pro Scalper advanced statistics

As for a scalper, the EA has a shameful win-rate – 57-58%. It’s traded 1019 deals with 2349 pips. The average win in pips (14.06) equals the average loss (-13.86). The average trade length is up to 7 hours. The profit factor is mediocre and equals 1.20.

Dynamic Pro Scalper trading results

Trade results show that USD/JPY should be turn off because there are only losses from both directions’ results.

Dynamic Pro Scalper trading results

As it was told, the EA works only during the Asian market opening.

Dynamic Pro Scalper trading results

Most deals were performed on Monday.

Dynamic Pro Scalper trading results

The EA trades with risks higher than the devs suggested us to trade.

Dynamic Pro Scalper trading results

Just take a single look at these results. Dear Lord, with martingale, grid, and that win-rate it can zero an account for several days.

Dynamic Pro Scalper monthly gain

If we skip March’s results, there’s nothing to even talk about. Where’s a profit?

Customer Reviews

Dynamic Pro Scalper Customer Reviews

The company has a profile on Forex Peace Army for all their products.

Dynamic Pro Scalper Customer Reviews

It looks like they’re both fakes.

Dynamic Pro Scalper about

They have a FB page to post some info. Usually, they provide a post in several months.

Dynamic Pro Scalper FB page

There are several comments with questions, but the devs don’t care about them at all. This one was asked 46 weeks ago.

No pros
We’ve used it in April 2020, and the results were awful
The devs run it on the demo accounts
Low monthly gains
Many months were closed with losses
Mediocre win-rate and profit factor
Cheap offer
No people feedback provided
Devs don’t care about questions from people in social networks
In addition to our half a year ago experience, we saw that nothing changed. The EA can profit a profit for months. The recovery system can’t recover well because of a very low win-rate, so there’s a chance to get a loose strick and half an account for several hours. The Profit Factor and the last results show that the system almost dead, and it matters of time when everything’s gone. The cheap offer can cover the fact that the system can be a good scalper for trading on the real account. If the devs are afraid of it, so what we should be braver.

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