Knowledge of key market events and trends is crucial to succeeding in Forex. Forex Pulse Detector claims to provide market impulse advantage through its well-designed features. The various strategies and indicators utilized by the robot help you identify reversal trends and manage trades appropriately. The Forex robot has comprehensive compatibility with currency pairs but supports mainly the EURGBP and the GBPUSD pairs. 

Product Offering

Forex Pulse Detector

Type Fully Automated
Price $63
Strategy Hybrid Break out
Compatible Platforms MetaTrader 4
Currency Pairs GBPUSD, EURGBP
Timeframe 15 Minute
Recommended minimum deposit $1000
Leverage  1:400 

The EA has M15 time frame compatibility which ensures that you make rapid pip gains. Even if the low duration does not result in accuracy, the developer claims that the special algorithms used ensure the low duration and good results. The trading strategy used is of the Hybrid type that allows the opening of trades manually. After the manual initiation of trade, the robot takes over system management.  

Forex Pulse Detector features

According to the developer, the system is capable of generating around 300 pips per week. However, most EA systems use similar methods so the system is not as new as the developer would have us believe. 

Other features include an integrated indicator for identifying market reversal, recovery of loss system, money management, and protection from slippage and spreads. Free updates are also part of the offerings. The initial price of $71 has been reduced by the developer to $63 and it includes a single account and license with unlimited support and lifetime updates.

The vendor also offers a money-back guarantee of 60 days. The software has two versions to meet with compatibility criteria for Windows and MAC operating systems. Users can choose a suitable version from the two versions.

Trading Strategy

Forex Pulse Detector uses a combination of indicators to ensure accurate identification of price reversal for traders to enter or exit a position. The EA is designed to analyze charts with the help of its proprietary algorithm and on spotting the suitable signals it manages the trades. Users can also customize the settings.

The initial deposit needed is a minimum amount of $1000. Users are also given the facility to open accounts with as little as $10. The Forex robot at present concentrates on the two pairs namely EURGBP and GBPUSD.

Trading Results

The official website reveals results recorded over a 5-year span. The modeling is just 90% indicating that neither real spreads nor ticks were used for the data. 

Forex Pulse Detector Trading Results

Forex Pulse Detector Trading Results

Customer Reviews

Although the developers assure a 95% success rate with verified results, there are not many user reviews available. The lack of authentic performance results for this EA and the unbelievable price package actually justify the lack of user reviews. With no special trading method or diverse market indicators used, the Forex EA is deficient in many ways.

Forex Pulse Detector Customer Reviews

Price is cheap
Refund guarantee of 60 days
Customer support is only via email
Limited indicators used
Backtesting and live results are not verified
Forex Pulse Detector claims to be a completely automated EA with great results. The MT4 compatible system has a convenient installation and operating system. The lifetime support and updates are features that are now available with all automated systems. The hybrid format offered is also not a new one. The price is cheap which makes one consider the amount of effort made towards the design and management. The lack of verification by myfxbook is a glaring deficiency that makes traders doubtful of the success that the developer claims and also its legitimacy. With such two glaring glitches and the fact that it does not support many currency pairs make us doubt the reliability of this system.

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