Falcor Forex Robot is a scam advisor that belongs to Forex Robot Trader. The company has a horrible reputation too. There are many testimonials written for us to avoid the advisor. 

Product offering

We prepared a list of settings, details, and useful information for you, so you can form a vision about this system. 

  • The advisor can help us with automatic trading on our terminal. 
  • It works based on a Price Action strategy. 
  • It proceeds data from support and resistance levels. 
  • The system sets proper SL and TP levels. 
  • It works 24/5 on the account. 
  • We can work with it without proper trading experience. 
  • It can be set on as many cross pirs as we want. 
  • Installation takes several minutes. 
  • The robot can be used on the Standard, Micro, and Mini accounts.
  • The money-management system calculates lot sizes automatically. 

Falcor Forex Robot pricing details.

We have a 60% Balck Friday discount. So, the price decreased from $199 to $79. We have no refund policy provided. We don’t know what the package includes. 

Trading strategy

  • The robot works with price action. 
  • We are allowed to trade any pair we want. 
  • The time frame can be any. 

Trading results

Falcor Forex Robot trading performance.

Falcor Forex Robot trading results.

We have several screenshots of how the system would work on our account if we bought it. Of course, all of this is fake. All these “trades” didn’t happen. 

Falcor Forex Robot trading results. 

The developers showed this list of executed orders as the real orders. Alas, it’s fake because they didn’t prove this with Myfxbook verified trading results. 

Falcor Forex Robot trading results. 

We have a final report that informs us that the dev gained $93,200 this month. It’s fake. The profit factor is 7.87. The maximum drawdown was $455.20. There were 765 deals traded with 83-84% of the win rate. 

Customer reviews

People testimonials. 

The presentation includes some testimonials but we can’t check if they are real or were written by the devs. 

Forex Robot Trader’s page on FPA.

Forex Robot Trader runs a page on Forex Peace Army with a 2.262 rate based on 270 reviews.

People testimonials. 

Customer testimonials. 

We may note that there are no positive testimonials at all. The service is an iconic scam.

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Acceptable pricing
No team revealed
No risk advice given
No backtest reports provided
No settings explanations provided
No strategy details shown
No trading results shown
The devs try to cheat with us
No refund policy provided
Many negative testimonials written
Falcor Forex Robot is a scam advisor from a scam company. They have decided not to provide us with only wording instead of showing backtest reports and trading results. The devs know that this intel must be provided to increase a level of trust between a potential customer and an advisor but they decided to trick us.

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