FX Lucky Pro was designed by a no-name developer from Russia. The presentation doesn’t look professional. There’s still a lack of useful information about the system. 

FX Lucky Pro presentation

Product Offering

The site has a few features and other details of the robot:

  • The system trades automatically 24/7.
  • The expert advisor focuses on closing deals with profit.
  • It runs several trading patterns simultaneously.
  • These improvements can increase profitability.

FX Lucky Pro team

  • Having read this info, we still didn’t know anything about the team.
  • We can expect to receive 24/4, even not 24/5 support.
  • The packages include free updates and upgrades.
  • The robot gathers “the best strategies.” We have big concerns about which one. Is this another Grid + Martingale combo?
  • All deals are opened with Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • The accuracy rate is 90%.
  • The system analyzes the market using indicators: RSI, Moving Average to find trading opportunities.
  • The money-management calculates Lot Sizes for each deal based on risks we want to trade.
  • There’s protection from high spreads and slippage.
  • The system was well-tested on the previous tick data before release.

FX Lucky Pro price

There are two packages on the board: Basic and Standard. The Basic pack costs $107 for a lifetime license. It includes one real and one demo account. The Standard pack costs $127 and is featured by two real and two demo account licenses. 

Trading Strategy

  • FX Lucky Pro runs a mid-term scalping.
  • It was designed for AUD/USD only.
  • The robot works on the H1 time frame.
  • For starting trading with a 0.01 Lot Size, we should have $200 on our account balance.

Trading Results

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

We have an AUD/USD backtest on the H1 time frame based on the five-year tick data received from a broker. There are 32032 bars in the test. The modeling quality was 90.00%. The spread was 20 pips. An initial deposit was $300. The total net profit has amounted to $124.7k. The Profit Factor was high – 43.80. The maximum drawdown was – 12.42%. It has traded 434 deals with 93.0-93.6% of the win-rate.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

FX Lucky Pro trades on the real RUR account. It was created on September 30, 2020, and deposited at 2000 RUR. Floating Profit is +114 RUR. The margin level is 7,444%.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The robot works an AUD/USD currency pair only. The total net return is +312.8%. An average monthly return is +45.3%. The maximum drawdown is -0.3%. The win-rate is 93.5%. The Profit Factor is 56.16. An average trade frequency is 0.3 deals daily. The account has been running for 122 days.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The Risk to Reward Ratio is 4.22. The risk of ruin is 0.0% (almost impossible). An average trade length is 2.2 days. An average win is +153.48 RUR. An average loss is -39.17 RUR. The average result is 140.91 RUR.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The most traded and most profitable direction is the Long – 5811 RUR of the net profit.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

There’s a single strategy (878981) on the board.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The most-traded days are Wednesday and Thursday (11 deals). 

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

FX Lucky Pro works during the European trading hours and a bit during the opening of the Asian session.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

As we can see, trading frequency went down significantly during December-February.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

Two weeks were without any trade performed.

Customer Reviews

FX Lucky Pro Customer Reviews

We have a page on the Forex Peace Army site. It has no feedback or rate. There are trading results connected to this profile. The last update was on January 28, 2021.

The strategy explanations provided
Backtest reports provided
FXBlue-verified trading results provided
The robot trades with low drawdowns
The offer is acceptable
No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No refund policy provided
No clients feedback written
FX Lucky Pro is an AUD/USD scalper that works mostly during the European and just a bit during the Asian sessions. It trades insanely rarely. Many won’t like to make only several trades weekly. At the same time, we have no info about the team, people testimonials, and a money-back-guarantee.

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